Monday, June 08, 2015


Huggy died today, June 8, 2015

My other traveling companion and the one this blog was named for,Huggy, died this afternoon. Her health has been going down hill for the last couple of weeks and rapidly for the last few days. Pat and I took her to the Veterinarian this afternoon and the prognosis was not good. Two pretty much painless shots and she is now at rest. Annie and I got her from the King County Animal Shelter in June, 1998. Her Vet at that time thought she was about six weeks old, so we decided to call her birthday 1 May, so she was now just over 17 years old. We put her in an "H" harness when we took her home as we planned to travel with her in our motorhome and that way she could be on a leash and be taken walking, which we did. Believe me, walking a cat on a leash is not like walking a dog but she enjoyed it. She would ride in a bed on the dashboard of the motorhome where she could watch the world go by outside the front windshield. She would be there unless it got too hot, from being in the sun, then she'd move to the RV floor. After Annie died in July, 2005, Huggy and I started out on what was to be our last Snowbird trip in early January, 2006. Just before starting out on that trip I started this blog, mainly to give a way to keep in touch with my kids and let them see photos (I enjoy photography) of where we were and what we were doing. It worked well for that. After I met Pat later in 2006, I sold the RV that Annie, Huggy and I traveled in and we bought a new one that was Dick and Pat's RV. We didn't take Huggy along as Pat's two cats, Molly and Peewee, were not used to traveling and that wouldn't be fair. Pat and I made a few trips but she really didn't care for RV travel and doesn't like to be away from home very long, so the RV was sold. I miss it but there are other things to compensate. Now, with the death of Huggy and the fact that I no longer go RVing, I expect that I'll take this blog down in the not too distant future. It has served it's purpose but there have been enough changes in my life that it no longer fits. I haven't posted here in nearly three years. I will try to add my favorite photo of Huggy at the end of the post but am not sure anymore how to do that in Blogger. This photo has been posted here early in the blog's history and it was taken of Hug in our back yard, in Aug or Sep of 2005. I will still continue to read the few blogs of those I've followed over the years who are still posting and thank you to all who have read and commented on my posts here over the years. Bye-Bye.

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