Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love my Prius!

What with the daily increasing fuel prices, I sure am glad that I bought my Toyota Prius a year & a half ago! I saw this cartoon today in an email and thought it was very timely:

As usual, my mileage over the winter months is down but I think I am getting more like what this little guy is getting (mine is around 44mpg) than the big one on the other side of the pump island. And spring starts this weekend with its warmer weather so my mileage ought to move back up to its warm weather 50 - 51mpg. I don't like to pay almost $4 a gallon for gas but getting to go 50 miles on that gallon really does help.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011


Snow. Ugh!

On Tuesday night, Feb 22nd, it started snowing and when we got up Wednesday morning we had about six inches of the stuff. I right away got the driveway and sidewalk shoveled and it started melting. The park roads got plowed and it was looking very good by evening.

That night it started snowing again and actually dumped about 12" of the stuff in a two hour period! By Thursday morning, we had between 14 and 16" all over the place. Now I know this probably doesn't sound like a lot of snow to some people who live where it snows a lot, and I like having snow around us in the mountains, but not down here where I live. That is more snow than we usually have in at least three or four years, total. This time I have some photographic proof:

2011 Feb snow 1
This is what our road beside the clubhouse looked like, shortly after I finished shoveling (again) but before the snow plow came by. Our two cars are both small and low to the ground and we couldn't operate them in this much snow as their wheels wouldn't even reach the ground, with the car hung up on the snow!

2011 Feb snow 2
This is the mountain of snow I built in our yard from shoveling snow from the driveway and sidewalk. Our neighbor in the next house was doing his at the same time and I suggested that we build two snow forts, then have a snowball fight. I guess we are too old for that now.

Anyway, a week and a half after that snow fell, there is still a little of my mountain in the yard. Maybe I'll go out and throw snowballs at cars as they drive by. No, I guess most people wouldn't appreciate that and my hands would get cold.

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