Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love my Prius!

What with the daily increasing fuel prices, I sure am glad that I bought my Toyota Prius a year & a half ago! I saw this cartoon today in an email and thought it was very timely:

As usual, my mileage over the winter months is down but I think I am getting more like what this little guy is getting (mine is around 44mpg) than the big one on the other side of the pump island. And spring starts this weekend with its warmer weather so my mileage ought to move back up to its warm weather 50 - 51mpg. I don't like to pay almost $4 a gallon for gas but getting to go 50 miles on that gallon really does help.

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What is killing us is the price of diesel. When we bought the Silverado, we knew a gasoline truck would get worse gas mileage; so we bought a diesel. It seems like ever since then the price has been much higher than even super gas. They have various reasons for it but none make much sense. Now they are saying it might not be possible always to get it given the Japanese disaster and their need. We have to use a truck for many farm jobs; so we will have to not use it much for other things. It does get close to 20 mpg and for its size, that's not bad; but it's tough when you are paying 40ยข a gallon more than regular!
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