Saturday, December 24, 2005


Ann & I at Quartzsite, AZ

This is my first attempt to put a photo on my blog. This photo is in my photostream on the Flickr site and I think if you click on the photo or the labels beneath it you will be taken to those photos on Flickr. I was exposed to Flickr this fall as that is where those of us who took the Art184 class on Digital Imaging at Skagit Valley College uploaded our photos. It is a site from which it is easy to move photos to a blog, so that is how I plan to handle my online photos while traveling. I will upload them to Flickr and transfer some to this blog. There probably will always be more photos on my Flickr site than here as I expect to only move those that are either most interesting or directly relate to the subject I am writing about on the blog that day. The words beside the photo can be added from the Flickr site and this paragraph is being added in the blog management area provided by Blogger (I edited the paragraph below in Blogger, too).

Ann_Dick_Phillips at QRang
Originally uploaded by Dick Phillips.
A photo taken of Annie and I while we were at the Escapees RV Club Boomers Q-Rang at Quartzsite, AZ in Jan, 2005. Boomers is a group of Escapees members who were born roughly between 1940 and 1960, although there are some both older and younger. Their get togethers are called Boomerangs. The Q-Rang is the Boomerang held at the annual boondocking gathering in the desert at the small town of Quartzsite, AZ which is on I-10 about 20 miles into Arizona from the California border. I tried adding a link to the Escapees club web site that you should be able to click on and be taken there.

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