Thursday, December 29, 2005


Details, details, details

I guess my preparations to head out are progressing. Today I went to the post office and filled out the paperwork to have my mail forwarded to Escapees Mail Service in Livingston, Texas starting next Wed. Jan. 4th. I intended to have it forwarded until mid-April but think I filled out the form for mid-March instead so will have to go back tomorrow to check and change it. Then I need to remember about April 10th to mail in a form to have them hold my mail at the post office for 30 days or until I get home first and cancel it, starting on April 15th. I also got the newspaper set to stop beginning on the 4th and re-starting with the Sunday paper on May 7th. She asked me if I wanted them to just hold the papers until I got back, before she realized how long I would be away.

I took Huggy to her vet for annual shots this morning. That trip isn't one she likes. Whenever I take her out to the car she gets excited and not in a good way as all the trips seem to be to the vet for shots, once a year. It is a good thing she likes to travel in the motorhome. There she has a lot more room to move around in and perhaps doesn't notice the movement as much. Anyway, she is now all set for another year and I have the paperwork to prove she is a healthy cat.

The DVD movie case is loaded but not the music CDs nor books yet. Over the weekend I can get some of them out into the rig and also take out the satellite TV receiver and get it hooked up. The weather reports show it shouldn't freeze between now and next Wed. so I can go ahead and put the plug back into the hot water tank. I have forgotten to do that once and it went through a lot of water with the pump running until I remembered what I had forgotten! I won't have heat out there yet so won't take clothes out until the day before I leave but there are some things that can go like canned food, cat food, extra kitty litter, the step ladder, the propane tank for the portable BBQ, and others. I will probably start a pile of things on the living room floor so I can get things at least that far before I risk going off and forgetting something I will really need.

Bob came after work yesterday and stayed overnight. They are leaving tomorrow to drive to San Diego for about a week to visit DJ's sister who is in the Marines stationed there and will leave on a deployment sometime in Feb. That was the last time I'll see him until after I get back in May.

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