Friday, December 23, 2005


RV Travels With Huggy

Today I am starting this blog with my first try at posting. It is two days before Christmas, my first in many years without Annie, and a week and a half after Christmas I expect to head out with Huggy in the RV for the warmer, sunnier southwest. The RV is nearly ready to go, only needing to have it's fuel, propane and water tanks filled as well as adding the personal things that will go along and of course food for both of us.

Annie and I were together for over 38 years. This trip will be a lot different from our others in the past and I do not know if I will like traveling alone but have to try it to find the answer to that. I'll be leaving family and friends here in the northwest so am going to try this method (my blog) of staying in touch with you all. I hope you will use the comments feature that appears at the end of each day's postings to "write back" to me or ask any questions you may have about the posting. I will try to check the blog on a regular basis but will have to have access to the Web in order to do that and I won't have that access all the time. I can post notes from my Pocketmail device so hope to have a new posting on the blog about every day, but it may be a few days between when you enter a comment and I can access your comments, so don't be surprised if you don't get an answer back right away. Send me an email note to the Pocketmail address if you want an answer right away and/or call on my cell phone.

I have listed this to keep it un-listed for a few days to give me a chance to try posting over a couple of days and to try to figure out how to get photos onto it, but I understand you can go to it even that way if you have the web address to access it. If you get here, please try making a comment so I will have something else to check out how it is working. I am going to go ahead and post this now, then go to it on the Web to see how it looks.

Hi Dick, We got the blog-mail today so I'm answering to let you know how it works. We're comming over to see you & Huggy in a bit so I'll also tell you in person!

Dick, got your blog-mail and am responding as requested. i think?
am in montana today everything is comming through strong and clear. have a good day. gary k.
Hi Dick. The blog looks great. Nice job. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!
Thank you all for checking. I am glad to know it is looking okay on other people's PCs. Now I need to get someone who uses a Mac to see if it looks right in their system.

I really need to get a book on HRML code. I wonder if can get one to me before I leave to go south the middle of the week after next. I think so, and will go to their site to look when I have entered this. I think this project is going to give me a lot of time to spend on something I enjoy.
Dick, you can receive package from merchant like to the following address. It is a card shop in Quartzsite and charge $1 to receive package for you.

You asked my pictures by the D50; they are all handheld and I posted the good one only. The shutter speed at pretty low at 1/30 or slower. Some were not clear. I should has bring the tripod but was lazy.

Your name
C/O Quiet Times
90 E. Main
Quartzite, AZ 85346
Dick and Pat,

I lost my husband in 2005, too. I'm so glad that the two of you found happiness and companionship. Wishing you wonderful travels.
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