Saturday, January 14, 2006


Are those clouds in the sky?

I woke up a little before 8, looked outside and discovered there are some clouds in the sky. The sun is now up (9am) & shining but there are some clouds. I have the TV on with news from Phoenix & they are saying today should be pretty good with a high around 73 at Lake Havasu, just south of me, but more clouds are expected this evening with showers possible overnight. I guess all of Arizona is in a draught condition so most people want some rain.

I guess I can live with a shower - the folks at home are enjoying their 27th straight day with measurable rain & we won't have anything like that. They have Seattle on the TV news now. The 50 year old record is 33 straight days of rain & it looks like it may be broken this year. My son's fiancee & her 3 sons moved to the NW in Oct from Gulfport, MS, and they are not used to this much rain. D, at least we don't have hurricanes up there!

Yesterday after the library for my Internet fix, I went to Starbucks for my mocha, then back home. I took my bike off the roof of the car so now I can ride it. I had thought about going to Laughlin for dinner but that is 15 or so miles away so I just went to the Avi casino which is in Nevada but only about 3 miles away. The lines for the real restaurants were long so I just bought a slice of pizza & a salad. There were not any movies playing there I really wanted to see so I headed home. I did stop at Hollywood Video across the street from the campground but didn't find any there I really wanted to watch, either. So I just came home & read until bedtime.

I think I will go to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants here in town today, the Black Bear Diner, which is near Starbucks. I will also go with the laptop to the library to connect to the Internet. While out & about I may try some WiFi sites I have been told of & also try my wireless card in some different places about the area. I guess I should try these things first before going to the library - maybe I can save making that stop.

I also want to check & see if my new antennae came in. I think they were shipping it by UPS or someone like that. I hope it wasn't the post office as they will be closed Monday for ML King's birthday, a Federal holiday. I need it here Tuesday as Mohave RV Repair is coming then to install it. My cell phone connection is so poor here in the campground that I can't even retreive the voice mail messages on the system! One is from my son, M, but I don't know who the other is from. If it was you, I apologize for not calling back but that isn't an option here in the campground. I will check those messages when I go to lunch & get to where the phone will work.

Found your site and it sounded interesting. My husband and I are actually looking to buy an RV. It will be interesting to read about your travels.
Hi Dick, Hope you are having a nice weekend. Thank you for those nice words you left in my comments, every little bit helps.Cheers friend,
Keep on driving.... dont let the clouds catch up to you until you are ready for a car wash! Rub a dubs to huggy. Stay safe.
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