Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Early morning in the desert

I got up a little before 7 this morning. It is beautiful here, clear and cold. My outside thermometer showed it to be right about freezing! The sun has been up for 45 minutes and it is now up to about 40, on the sunny side of the rig. Kids are waiting for the school bus wearing jackets and shorts. I'll bet the jackets go into the back packs later in the day. Huggy is lying on the dashboard enjoying the sunshine.

I have the big inverter on to run the laptop and also made a cup of coffee in my new Miletta coffee pot that I bought from Camping World last month. It seems to use about as much power from the batteries as the microwave does, but only takes about 4 min to make the 20 oz cup of coffee. I wouldn't want to run a 60 amp load very long, even with 440 amp hours of batteries.

This is relaxing, watching the world wake up outside my windows. There are a surprising number of cars already at Walmart and most of the commercial trucks have already hit the road (08:05 now.) I plan to leave by 9 which should get me to the campground by 13:00, even after stopping at Safeway for gas.

I have discovered there is still some moisture in the rig. When I put my 3-ring binders that carry the rig info and my membership campground info in their usual storage spot, the one that is against the carpet from the raised area where the driver & passenger seats are located gets wet, apparently from the carpet. I can reach back in there, between the end of the sofa and the carpeted step, and it does feel slightly damp. I know it will dry out here in the desert but I am not sure how to prevent it from happening next winter during storage of the rig. Maybe I need to remove all water that might freeze and not try to put any heat in it while in storage. The cat heater puts out moisture, so that is probably where most of it comes from.

I will go ahead and upload this posting. I won't know until I get to the campground if the wireless card will work from there or not. Maybe I can take the laptop with me to Denny's when I go for dinner if I can't use it in the rig. Or I can update from the Pocketmail device as I don't have any photos to upload yet. As long as they still have payphones in the campground. They seem to be going away as almost all RVers now have cell phones. But, at least this one will be here for today.


Good day Dick, Hope you arrive at the campground at your anticipated time, and safely. I m sure the moisture will dry in the desert, but, yes it needs to be figured out before winters storage. I too enjoy waking up with a hot cup of coffee and just enjoy observing life outside of the windows, people, traffic, birds, etc. Have a lovely day. Cheers
Happy Travels Dick,
I look forward to seeing some of your photos. Id love to be traveling just now. The weather has been so gray and gloomy, it settles on me like a damp cloak. YUCK. I just want to drive until I find SUN!!!!! Take care.
I have sun down here. I woke up to 38 degrees outside but the forecast calls for 67 later today. I got all clocks except the car & my watch changed.

Drove into town, got the car washed at the do-it-yourself place & am now at the Starbucks at Safeway. The card will connect here but they have no electrical outlet to plug into so it is working only as long as my 4 year old battery will hold up. I am typing fast!
Hi Dick, just stumbled onto your blog. My name is also Dick,I am 62 I have been married for over thirty years, we have cats, and my wife and I have done a lot of traveling. Funny thing my wife just mentioned Laughin to me yesterday. Hope that you are having some fun, Take care!
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