Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Finally I got a mocha!

Quartzsite has almost everything you might want, but so far I haven't yet found a place to get a mocha! There was one last year but a big RV sales place has taken over that site and if they are still here, they are in a different location. Those who know me well know I almost never go more than one day without having a mocha. The last one I had was last Tuesday on my way from Bullhead City to Q when I stopped at a drive-up stand in Parker, where we went last year while spending a couple of days in that town, for a mocha. Yesterday I gave up and drove the 25 or so miles to a new Starbucks in Blythe, CA. We found it last year while spending a few days in Ehrenberg, AZ, a town right on the AZ/CA border. The place looked finished when we were there in early March, 2005 but it was not yet open. We found mochas in the Albertsons store which is also the closest large grocery store to Q. But, I remembered that new store and it is open now, so I finally got another mocha. I make a cup of coffee every morning, in fact I am drinking one now, but it is not a Mocha! After my mocha I ate dinner at Townes Square Cafe, another place where we had a dinner last year, also in Blythe, then got home just as the sun was setting behind the mountains to the west of town.

I went to a discussion group around the campfire pit at 13:00 where boondocking was discussed. I don't think I learned much but it was good to participate with others and I am sure that I must have heard something I hadn't heard before.

Yesterday morning friends D & S B left Boomerville. They teach classes at Life on Wheels and at various things like Escapees Escapades & Family Motor Coach Assoc. rallies. Annie & I met them at our first Life on Wheels conference in 2002. J plans to leave on Thursday. I still plan to stay until next Monday & will go to the car show here on Saturday, then watch the Superbowl (Go Seahawks!) on Sunday. I'll leave before too late in the day on Monday to drive the 80 or so miles south to Yuma.

One thing a long term RVer has to learn is that this lifestyle isn't just like being on a vacation. When you are on vacation you tend to schedule every minute with activities. While I am off on one of these trips the RV is my house and it is really about like sitting at home. If I want to just sit in my easy chair & read for an hour or so, that is fine. That takes some learning and I find that I still need to remind myself of that as I will find myself slipping into that vacation mode at times. It is nice to just sit and watch the world go by. I will do some of that over the next few days, with Huggy on my lap.

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Have you tried making your own mocha? They sell some pretty good ones now that you can make by just adding water. I have been having caramel cappacinos every morning for the last week or so. I'm hooked on them. Although, it's probably the caffeine I'm hooked on since I usually don't drink it.

Good luck on Sunday. Looking forward to watching the game with my family. A bunch of screaming Steeler fans, LOL!
I have some of that and it does help but it just isn't the same. I have a good mocha maker at home but don't have enough room to bring it along. I've got to have the computers!
I still remember the mocha you nearly spilled on me at Tully's near Green Lake the year before you retired!
Just catching up, after a couple days offline. What a sight that Paul fellow is, My word hope he is very liberal with the sunscreen.
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