Monday, January 16, 2006


Finally, a trip to Laughlin, Nevada

Church yesterday was a good experience. The people there are as nice as I remembered them to be. I enjoyed my visit & the coffee hour after the service.

I drove by the library, which is closed on Sunday. I tried to connect by WiFi from the parking lot but although my system detected an unprotected hotspot, it wouldn't connect. I probably could have gotten out of the car & moved closer to the building but would then have been dependant again on the time my 4 year old battery in the laptop would last. Instead, I drove north of town to where I was just across the river from the Riverside Casino where my voice phone indicated a strong Verizon signal. I parked in the Home Depot parking lot & connected via my wireless PCMIAA card.

After some time on the Internet I drove across the bridge over the Colorado River to Laughlin, NV and the Riverside Casino, owned by Don Laughlin, founder of the town. First order was getting lunch, then I went up to the 3rd floor to view the cars on display there. Most are not owned by Don but are on loan from various owners from around the country. My son, M, got a new Triumph Bonneville motorcycle from his wife, J, for Christmas. There is a restored 1966 Triumph Bonneville in the display! I took photos of it & will send them to M. In 1966 the engine size was 650cc while the new one is 860cc, but they still have the original look.

My next stop, after a quick look at the Watchman store, was the Cinnebon store where I got a 20oz mocha made with Seattle's Best Coffee, for $4.75. It was a bit on the expensive side but I didn't get a cinnimon roll!

I next looked at the smaller car display that is on the way out to where I had parked the car. They have a beautiful 1949 right hand drive MG TF there, as well as a few Corvettes, a Delorian & some others. There is also a large display of antique slot machines that are owned by Don Laughlin. I spent no entertainment money on slot machines. The theaters there are showing "Munich" which is one I'd like to see so I may go back sometime for that.

While having a good, strong cell phone signal I made a couple of phone calls from my car in the parking lot. By then it was starting to get dark, about 18:00, so I started home, this time using Bullhead Parkway which is a shorter route to the campground & it avoids a lot of traffic & stop lights.

I spent the rest of the evening writing some email notes with my Pocketmail device, watching TV, reading & snuggling with Huggy. She is sure shedding! No rain overnight but it was pretty windy most of the night and it still is at 9am.

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Now that is one big coffee! Id be up all nicht with that in my system.
Glad you enjoyed the service and the fellowship. Church is always a good place to find nice folks. A good place to fend off the lonelies too.
Hi Dick and Huggy, glad things are running smoothly for you. Have a great week. Cheers,
Hey Bill,

Thanks for the RV advice. My blog is actually the iluvtheleps one. I just contribute on the other one. It belongs to a friend of mine Orion who lives in Oregon.
Very interesting post. The car display sounds quite entertaining. Love the blog and the idea of it. Hopefully you have some interesting and good times in your travels.
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