Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ft Mohave, AZ sunset,jpg

Ft Mohave, AZ sunset,jpg
Originally uploaded by Dick Phillips.
This was taken Saturday about sunset time from just behind my RV. I am in the "overflow" section and we are packed in pretty tight. If I come back next year I need to get my reservation in sooner so I can get into a real site with more space, a concrete patio & it's own palm tree. These dramatic clouds are off to the west toward California where they were having rain. The flash on the camera fired so the license plates on the rigs are reflecting that flash back. My rig is off to the left & not in this photo.

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Beautiful sunset, magnificent color. Cheers,
Gorgeous sunset! Thank you for sharing it, and God bless you and keep you and Huggy safe in your travels!
I love the colors you captured in this one. Great shot.

Keep smilin'
Great photo Dick!
Contact me when you can.
Beautiful photo, D! The orange hues are amazing... Are you able to post more photo's here or to yor Flikr (sp?) site and then add a link to it? Thank you for the photos of the classic Triumph, too... an awesome looking machine! M
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