Sunday, January 01, 2006


Happy New Year

I managed to stay up until about 1am last night so I saw the new year in, then slept in until 08:30 this morning. Up and off to church, then mochas with my neighbors at Starbucks. I was home working (playing?) with the computer when son M called saying they were driving up to Mt. Vernon and did I want to go out to dinner. Having something better than Nally's chili sounded good so I said yes. I got one of the basic food groups, a medium pizza, that provided tonight's dinner and tomorrow's lunch. While they were here, J used my Nikon D70s camera to take some pictures of Huggy and I and after dinner I used Photoshop to crop one and get it uploaded to Flickr and linked to my blog, so now the picture in my profile has both Huggy and I rather than just Huggy.

I am updating this now, then I want to make a phone call or two before it is too late in the evening. After that I need to contact Verizon Wireless to find out how to setup my laptop so I can use either WiFi or the new broadband wireless card. My departure date to go south is getting closer and I need to get things like that working properly while still home with all the Internet and phone connections I have available here. Only two full days left at home before my departure date on this Snowbird trip.

I also want to enter a post for 2006 to see if my blog will automatically create an archive link for January posts and if or how it will move the others on my front page at that time. I need to find out what is automatic and where I have to do something to make something happen. This is pretty new to me - maybe I should have started it farther back from my departure date. Notice I have added another link, this one to RV Escapade, a blog from an Escapee Boomer's couple who has helped me with advice on setting up my blog. They recently spent some time in Las Vegas and he has some good photos from there, plus an aerial view of the Quartzsite, AZ area where we Boomers will be gathering in a few weeks for the annual Q-Rang.

Happy New Year to all of you. I sincerely hope 2006 will be better for me than the last half of 2005 was.

Good luck in your travels Dick. I am Susan's ( Ooopsie daisy/Thousand wordsworth) sister Carol. She has mentioned your site and your travel plans.I thought I would wish you well on the road with Huggy.I am sorry to see you have lost your beloved Annie, and pray you find peace.I will stop in and visit your site and hope you will do the same to mine.God Bless,
I'm visiting from Susan's and wanted to wish you well in your travels -- and welcome you to blogging. It is a place that you will find has quite a sense of community.

I think you and Huggy will have a grand time touring the country, and I think Annie will be right there with you. :)
Thank you both for the good wishes. Annie & I really enjoyed traveling with the RV so I am heading out with the expectation that I still will and it will feel somewhat as though she were still along. It is OUR rig, our home away from home.

Blogging is something I am enjoying although I have found I can spend a lot of time surfing from one site to another! That is one of the reasons I bought a broadband wireless system, to be able to have a fast connection while on the road. Now to try it and see how often it will work for me. I don't tend to stay in large metropolitan areas.
Great pic of you and Huggy, hope the rain lessens for your trip south. Take care....
Susan sent me over too. I wish you very happy and safe travels and a much better year ahead.
Lois Lane
Dick, I'm sorry I didn't get to this until now. I am rushing to get the cabinet ready for my new oven and I started working on it an 0600 yesterday. I was so tired when I finished for the day that I completely forgot to look at your blog.

I just got back from an appointment in Wenatchee and now have to head out to a rock club meeting. I will look more closely at what you have posted and comment later. Let me know if you get this.
I just read your blog and it looks great. I'm using my laptop and a Wi-Fi hookup at the RV Park we're at in Newport Beach. We came here on a Good Samboree to see the Rose Parade. Saw the whole thing rain and all. If those kids can march in it for 5.5 miles, I could surely watch it for a couple of hours. Hope you have a safe trip. It looks like we're just going to pass in the night. We were up by Bullhead City last week on the way here. From here we're going to San Diego for a couple of days to visit and sight see my old stomping grounds and then on to Tuscon to visit friends for a week or two. Keep me posted on your where abouts. Maybe we'll cross paths.

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