Sunday, January 08, 2006


Have you ever heard of Kingsburg, CA?

I decided 320 miles was far enough to go today without trying for over 410 so we stopped at the Viking R-V Park in Kingsburg, about 20 miles south of Fresno. Annie & I had stopped here with D & J in April 2004 while traveling from the Escapees Spring Escapade at Lancaster, CA to Grass Valley, in the Sierra above Sacramento, for a Boomerang. It is a Passport America park so half priced, making it $16. I don't think there is enough here to justify $32 but maybe if you need to be in the area.....

We left Walmart at 8:30 & stopped at the Chevron station next door to fill up with $2.459/gal gas. With my gauge not working I don't want to run out and thought even though it may be a little higher priced there, it would save me having to stop anywhere else for gas today. I have seen it from a low of $2.199 to about what I paid in Red Bluff. I will fill up east of Bakersfield tomorrow and that will get me to Bullhead City where gas will probably be cheaper than in Calif.

We slipped through Sacramento a little after 11, changing from I-5 to SR-99, the old US-99. It is about 270 miles from Sac to Bakersfield and as far as I can remember there is only ONE rest stop on that whole southbound trip. That is just south of Turlock, where we stopped for a sandwich for me & kitty candy for Huggy. Turlock is also where I saw an Arco with $2.199 gas. While we were eating lunch I called Viking R-V Park to make sure they were open and had space. I wasn't worried about space if they were open. They were and we arrived about 15:15 and checked into space 24, the same one Annie & I were in when here in 2004. Right after me another RV came in & parked where D & J were in #25. This couple is also from Puyallup, where D&J used to live before they became fulltime RVers.

I have a good strong wireless signal here and we are in a full hookup site so have electric power without having to run the inverter like I did last night. I will do more with the PC, but also want to run the TV and DVD player to watch the movie I bought last night, "Wedding Crashers." I think I can do both as the TV is easy to see from the dining table where the PC is setup. I probably should try to fix something for dinner, too.

The weather has been pretty good. No rain and some sunshine. It was clear overnight in Red Bluff so when I got up about 6 the outside temp was only 38. I figured it was fairly cold as the big furnace was cycling on & off all night, especailly in the morning. I had it set for 60 with the cat heater on low. About 40 miles north of Sac it got overcast & was that way until about 30 miles south of Sac. It was sunny & warm when we stopped for lunch, but by the time we got a bit north of Fresno the overcast was back. Not a real heavy overcast and it really doesn't look like rain, but I guess I won't get the real sunny, warm and dry weather until tomorrow when I cross Tehachapi Pass into the Mohave Desert. I plan to stop at the Walmart in Barstow tomorrow night, then on to BH City Tue and check into the RV park there.

Well, that is about it for now. The trip is going okay but it sure is missing someone who should be here with us. Driving is okay but spending these long hours alone at night is hard, but that was hard at home in the house, too. All these memories are wonderful and I am glad that I do have them. I sometimes used to think money spent on vacations was a bit of a waste as when it was over you didn't have a lot to show for it, but I am now finding out how valuable those memories really are. If you want to go on a vacation, go for it but try to take the one you love most along, too. You never know when you will no longer be able to do that and then the memories will be what helps you get by.


Hi Dick,
Sorry I havent checked in for a few days, I ve been out of blogland for a few days as real life was keeping me busy. The last paragraph of todays blog was very touching. I couldnt agree more. I used to feel it was a bit wasteful too. But having those precious memories of good times with a loved one, far outweigh the pleasure of looking back on some material purchase that could have been made instead. I am so happy you and huggy are enjoying the travels.

Agreed with the last posting! The memories are what make it worth it... That's why we've tried to be so good at taking photo's to jog the ol' brain and the scrap book them to create a log of it. 2009 Hawaii with us? M
You won't get this b/c it was so long ago...but you make me cry with memories of Annie and I know my simple 10 years with SKH aren't the same...I know that I would be the same without him. I am reading you from the beg. to the although I know you found a new happiness...Annie is still near and dear.

You must be an awfully stong person to take on this adventure alone with are to be admired. I am sensing Annie would be very happy.

Hugs to you! Skippy
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