Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hi from Boomerville at Quartzsite

I arrived at Boomerville about 13:30 this afternoon & parked right behind friends B & B R. They are an east coast couple and only come west every other year. We last saw them at a Boomerang in the Courtney's pasture near Grass Valley, CA after the Escapees Spring Escapade in April, 2004. They didn't know of the loss of Annie but do now.

The weather here is warmer and no where near as windy, so it is short sleeve weather. Tomorrow may be the day to get the shorts out. The sun just set behind the mountains to the west about 17:58 & there is still a strong orange glow there. I am facing west which is good as tomorrow I will tilt my solar panels to the south. I learned last year that adds about 50% more amperage from them in the winter. I expect I'll be running the inverter quite a bit to keep the computers up & running & I do like to watch TV, too. I think it will get cold over night so I may want to get up & start the catyletic heater before I get up in the morning.

The drive down was easy, 137 miles from the campground in Ft. Mohave (Bullhead City) to here. I didn't stop anywhere in Lake Havasu City except almost every traffic signal (red lights) but I did stop in Parker at the drive up mocha stand we frequented last year while here, for my daily mocha. D, the El Serape Mexican restaurant is still there, across the highway & down the block from the mocha stand. There is a new building being built around the corner a half mile or so away that also has a El Serape sign. I don't know if the old one will close when that opens or not. They seem too close together to both be in business. Anyway, it is waiting for you in a week or so.

I am going to eat the second half of the Safeway sub sandwich I intended to have for lunch, for dinner. I seem to have forgotten to eat lunch which probably explains why I am kind of hungry. I will try to get a couple of photos of Boomerville posted tomorrow. Time now for TV news & a sub sandwich. I'll probably go out for the bonfire later tonight.

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Hi Dick, those Safeway sub sandwiches are pretty good, if they make em the same as up here in Canada.Glad travels are going smootly. Cheers to you and Huggy,
Hi Dick,

Have enjoyed reading your blog and keeping track of your travels. So, proud of you - going forward without Annie, (know it's hard), as I still miss Ken.

We are doing well in Mount Vernon, Red Hatters are having a to-do
Sunday at Lincoln Theatre.

Bye, for now. Happy trails to you.
6 months. Did it go by quickly? I look forward to the photos of the cactus garden.
Hi Dick, I just caught your comment on my blog. Thanks. It is nice to know that there is really somebody out there. I don't remember what I said last time, but you were in Lauglin the other day. Believe it or not, a few days ago my wife was showing me Laughlin on the map. She was wondering if it would be a nice place to live and how expensive things are out there - like homes. I never even heard of Laughlin before my wife mentioned it and then I clicked onto you - funny.
Unfortunately when you get to be our age, you think about things most people never think about. It would be a sad day for me if my wife died. We have both become so dependent on one another. My wife is always training me to be able to do things when she's not around. I always ask her - Are you planing to go somewhere?
We have four cats. They are great company.
I like the pictures on your blog. My wife and I have been back and forth all over the U.S. - in fact, I worte a book about it - "Hobo-ing America" There is a little write up about it on my blog.
In any case your daily entries on your blog remind me of all the notes I kept when we were traveling about the country ourselves.
You sound like you are enjoying yourself but I know it must be lonely. You have family though - thats good. All I can say is keep busy and keep moving.
You will never forget and, of course you don't want to - but my experience is that the thinking about it get easier and more pleasant over time.
I sound like dear Abby here. See ya later.
Well, this computer stuff is new to me, but I'll try to keep up.
My wife wants to know more about how you are figuring out getting all the pictures onto your blog.
Hi Dick just checking my blog and found your reply. Thanks for the information. I think that we will send for that book. There is so much to learn and we're both having fun with it.
I just realized that the picture of the woman with the baby was your wife. Wow she was so beautiful - and you look like Archie Bunker - what did she ever see in you? I'm just kidding.
I don't think I'll be putting any pictures of myself on my blog. I don't need that kind of abuse. Okay, thanks again - seeya next time.
hi Dick,

It was great to hear from you today. I tried to email you back but I deleted my email addy's by accident and what I was sending you came back. Thank goodness for the blog and I can say a few words to you.

Know you miss Annie so much, she was the greatest - I miss her too and she will always be the Queen Mum to me.

Stay in touch and keep having fun. Carol
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