Saturday, January 07, 2006


Hi from Eugene, OR

Yesterday I did get away from the Auburn Eagles campground at 9 & drove to Auburn RV to fill the propane tank. Propane there was $2.85/gal plus sales tax! It took 9.2 gal to fill the tank. Then to Fred Meyer to fill the gas tank, 37 gal at $2.019/gal. A quick mocha from Starbucks at FM & I was on the freeway about 9:45.

I drove south on SR 167 to Puyallup, then SR 512 to I-5. In Vancouver I turned onto SR-205 to bypass downtown Portland, crossing into OR about 12:40. A quick stop for lunch in the first rest stop I came to after getting back onto I-5 south of Portland, then off for Eugene. I arrived here about 15:40. It was dry until Olympia, rain there that quit just beyond O, rain again in Vancouver that quit in Portland, then rain from Salem to Eugene.

It has felt like I have a guardian Angel making the driving conditions pretty good for me. Wed was dry all through the greater Seattle mess. Yesterday the harder rain didn't start until I was south of Portland & the heavy traffic there. Thank you, Annie!


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