Sunday, January 15, 2006


I attended church this morning

I attended the church service at Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) this morning. It is a small church in Bullhead City where Annie & I have been before and always felt comfortable. Today was no exception to the comfort feeling. Since Annie's death last July I find that I kind of feel closer to her when in church than I do anyplace else so I really like to go.

Yesterday I went to the library again to connect to the Internet through their computer system rather than trying WiFi connections. The library is closed Sundays and tomorrow due to the holiday. I stopped there today to try connecting through their WiFi from outside in the parking lot but it didn't want to connect, so I drove north through Bullhead City almost to the Laughlin bridge and stopped in a Home Depot parking lot. There is a strong Verizon signal here so I am again online with my laptop card.

Yesterday after the library I went to a late lunch at a favorite restaurant of Ann's & mine, the Black Bear Diner. There are others in their chain and we have visited three of them that I can remember - here, in Lake Havasu and in Yreka, CA. The food is good and reasonably priced. D, I just ordered the Volcano breakfast but not with blue berries so I don't know what their current pricing policy on them is. You two need to come down here & we will find out! After lunch I went to Starbucks for a mocha, then home where I got out the desktop PC and got it setup on the table. There was a great sunset due to the clouds to the west so I got a couple of photos and was going to upload one but forgot to bring the thumb drive with it along today so will have to do that later or tomorrow.

We had no rain overnight here and I didn't notice any wind. I woke up expecting overcast but it is clear and calm. It is now 12:50 here and I'd guess it is in the mid-60s temperature wise. M called & left a voice mail saying that a little before 9 this morning in Arlington, WA it was raining hard with a heavy overcast. I think I like the weather here better.

As long as I am this close to Laughlin I will probably stow my laptop in the trunk when I leave here and drive over there for lunch. I always enjoy browsing through the casinos and people watching. There is a Seattle's Best Coffee place (with cinnimon rolls too!) in the Riverside casino which would be good for a mocha today and I know I can find a good lunch there, too. I like looking at the cars he has in an exhibit in the place so will check them out. I don't know if they rotate them but will find out this afternoon. If I get home in time I will probably take the Nikon out to see about getting some photos.

All you folks in the northwest, keep working on breaking that 50 year old record of 33 consecutive days of rain! I'll be thinking about you growing webbed feet.

I think we hit that record. I'm not sure though. Didn't get by to see what you were up to, as it was my daughter's 13th Birthday and we were out to Red Robin and swimming.

Sounds like you had a good day. Glad to hear.

Keep smilin' Dick.
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