Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I changed campsites today

I talked with the office lady here this afternoon & was able to change to space 359B which is in the upper part of the campground, nearer where Annie, Huggy & I were the last two times we were here. Unfortunatly the wireless card still doesn't work. I talked with another camper who said Verizon service is terrible for everyone here in Fort Mohave, which is where we really are. It is south of Bullhead City proper by 3 or 4 miles & blocked from the Verizon tower in Laughlin by hills. But I think the card will connect from Starbucks in the Safeway that is in the downtown area, so I'll try that tomorrow.

The mocha & tuna wrap from Kim's Deli across the street were good. I bought a few things at Safeway, including a book on the Southbeach diet, the current copy of Arizona Highways magazine & the local newspaper for today.

I forgot to add the HTML code to the last message I sent from this Pocketmail device that cuts the text PM adds at the end of a message, so it would have been there. I apologize for that & will try to remember to add it the rest of the times I send a post by PM. It just needs the pound sign followed immediately (no space) by the word end & nothing else appears after it, even if a service like PM appends advertising. When I can access the web I can edit that post & remove their ad.

I did get the satellite TV antennae up & working so I'm watching TV. The network shows I get are from LA & so is the news. Last year we knew a lot more about the mayoral recall election in LA than we really needed to know. I will probably put up the regular antennae for local channels. The eleven o'clock news from LA really comes on at midnight here because Arizona is on Mountain Time.

I still have to change my clocks to Arizona time so will do that tomorrow. AZ doesn't do Daylight Savings Time so when I go back to California I won't have to change them, as long as DST has started by then. Isn't it earlier this year than in the past?


Well you are well under way. Moca in hand and ariel on the roof!
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