Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm almost there

Today's travels took me south on SR-99 to Bakersfield, then east on SR-58 through the Mohave Desert to Barstow. The total distance traveled was 225 miles, a much nicer number of miles than I have been doing each of the last three days. I think I only have about 160 to go tomorrow to the campground at Bullhead City. The weather today was mostly sun filtered through light clouds or a high fog to Bakersfield, then clear skies and sunshine up through Tehachapie Pass and the Mohave. It is still clear tonight so it will get pretty cold, probably down to 40 or so according to the weather report on the radio. Bullhead City is in the low desert where it is usually a little warmer than up here in the high country. There are a couple more rest stops along the south bound side of 99 but they are both south of Kingsburg. So that makes three in 270 miles. I like Oregon's every 30 miles or so better.

I bought gas at a Chevron station in east Bakersfield today (no mocha place close by.) It was $2.459/gal there, the same I paid yesterday in Red Bluff, but I did see some stations earlier where it was $2.499. It is definately going up. I think I will stop at Safeway tomorrow before I go into the campground and fill the tank as it will probably cost more to do that in two weeks when I am ready to leave. I wonder what it will cost in April and May when I am heading home? I have been setting my cruise control at about 56 mph and figured my mileage from Auburn where I filled up to the fill up in Bakersfield today and over a distance of 1047 miles I used 124.7 gallons for an average of 8.4 miles per gallon. The best I have ever gotten before with the RV was 7.5 so this is a big improvement. I used to set the cruise at about 61 so the speed isn't enough different to really make much of a difference in when I get to where I am going. So I think I will continue to save the extra fuel and drive a little slower. The truck speed limit in both Oregon and California is 55 and I think I am more of a truck than an auto anyway.

I walked over to the Walmart tonight and bought a smaller camera case to use that I can carry a couple of lenses for the Nikon in while out hiking. I didn't want to have to take the large back pack case that holds pretty much everything. This was only $20 and should work pretty well. I'll let you know after I try it out. I also bought a few goodies to eat. I probably shouldn't have but if I am going to do all that walking I will probably burn it off, right?

This first part of my trip has been pretty much just driving miles, without many chances to see or do anything. Tomorrow I will get to the first place where I'll spend enough time to get out and see things. I hope to be able to put up some photos here in a few days.


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