Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Installers - ugh!

(Tuesday, Jan. 17th) The Wilson Trucker/RV Antennae arrived, I picked it up just after 13:00 & told Mohave RV Repair I had it so they could come by anytime after that to install it. They called at 16:20 & told me they were not going to make it here today. Kind of frustrating but what can I do about it? I asked to please have them here in the morning so I can still do something with the day & they said they would try, but no promises.

I did take the antennae out of it's packaging & stand it up in a corner of the RV windshield. It doesn't have the ground plane rods installed but when hooked up to the voice phone it seems to connect with a signal strength of 4-bars. It should work better when up higher on the rig & with the ground plane rods installed. I won't try it with the PC card until it is properly installed but it looks at this first try like the phone at least will work a lot better with the antennae. To celebrate I went to Vito's Pizza tonight for their pizza buffet, a place Annie & I went for dinner once last year.

I will spend tonight in the RV watching TV, reading & holding Huggy. Then we will see what time they get here tomorrow to finish the job & get this thing properly installed. I have figured out where I want it to go on the rig & should not need to buy an extension cord to hook up to it there.

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Ahhh so the photos are starting to be uploaded. That is an interesting looking church, looks like it would be cool inside. Lovely susnset shot too. Hope the antennae is erected today. hehe... I said antennae!!!

Hugs to huggy!
Pretty pictures. What a view that sunset must have been.

Hope your antennae gets all hooked up.

What branch of the military were you in, by the way?
Good luck with getting that thing installed, and soon. Enjoy the pizza, if there is any left overs, it makes an awesome breakfast. Give Huggy an nice big hug. Cheers Dick,
The church is a building designed for the desert. It is flat roofed and has lots of paddle fans & air conditioning.

Melanie, the antennae was hooked up & I am using it now from inside the RV. I was in the Army but that was back in the 1960s.

Carol, take home sounds good but it was an eat all you want buffet and they usually don't let you take any home! Otherwise you had a great idea.
I just figured you were since you always use military time. ;)

Glad they got it hooked up for ya.
I used the 24 hour clock a lot more after my military time then I did while in the service. I like it because it is obvious what time of day you are refering to, without having to remember to add AM or PM.
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