Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Is today the antennae day?

Today is the day the new antennae is due about 14:00 this afternoon. The RV people will come install it just after that, as long as it does come. This will be interesting to see how it improves my signal strength. More later on the subject.

I got the desktop computer setup over the weekend so had access to Photoshop & was able to reduce the size of a couple of photos and get them uploaded to Flickr today, so they have been posted just below this update. One is of the sunset Sat night when there were clouds to the west, the other is of Church of the Holy Spirit, where I attended services on Sunday. I also emailed three photos of the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle at the casino display to son M. They are each over 2mb in size so I need to reduce them before I try to upload them. I have the Nikon along now and really will try to get more photos taken and uploaded. At least this is a start!

Yesterday I did go to the north part of town where I was able to connect to the Internet with my wireless card. I have a hard time remembering whether I posted from Pocketmail or on this system, unless there are photos involved. Maybe after that antennae is installed today (how is that for being positive!) I will be able to do it this way from home without having to go to the library or the north part of town. It is almost noon here and I have to keep track of time as I sure don't want to miss out by being too late myself.

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Hope the antenne shows up, and on time too.That will be a big help.Cheers,
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