Thursday, January 12, 2006


Libraries are wonderful!

I am writing with my laptop connected to the Internet through the Mohave County Library system's computers and it works fine. I understand their WiFi will work from my car in the parking lot and probably even after hours when the building is closed. I was also told I can connect to WiFi behind the main buildings at the local community college which is closer to the campground than the library. It is good to have options.

I stopped at the Cellular One store on my way here. The antennae's that were ordered were the mirror mount ones, not the through the roof one I want. They are placing another order today for three of the roof ones and my adapter to connect the card to it and having them shipped via 2-day service to the store in Bullhead City, so they should arrive Mon. That will work with my install date of Tue. It will be interesting to find out how well this will work. I hope it will solve most of the connection problems I am having down here.

The radio station I was listening to while driving here said the high temperature today should be 70. I like that. I also made a stop at the Dollar General store by Walmart where a year ago today Annie & I made some purchases, including a purple sweather that she loved and that only cost $12. They still had a few books to choose from for $1 each and some other things I bought. I spent about $22 plus tax but didn't buy much I can't or won't use. I do need to find some postcards to send grandkids and must remember the increase in postage. I have the 1 cent stamps to add to my 23 cent ones and there is a post office by the Safeway across the street from the campground.

I checked the church here in town that we attend and the Sunday service time is still 09:30, so I will plan to be there Sunday morning. It is a small church which we prefer. We enjoyed them the last couple of years while here, so I look forward to returning. So far while down here I haven't done much that I couldn't have done at home but it has brought back a lot of good memories of our last two trips to this area. And I have been a lot warmer and dryer while doing those things than if I were still at home.

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Glad the library worked for you, hopefully every town you visit will have that sevice. When we travelled across canada this past summer, we found that alot of the small towns were internet poor. Just to load up photos off the camera onto a disc was a challenge. That trip gave me the travel bug, lookin forward to being able to doing what you are doing in a few more years.
Hi Dick,
Sorry I haven't been able to comment, but I was at Carol's all day yesterday and the computer there retains my information which then has to be changed back, so I just wait until back at home instead to comment.

It sounds like you were able to get what you needed at the library and the connection should still be good in their parking lot. I had the same ability in Abbotsford when I worked out that way. Just pull into the parking lot and upload my orders (travellin salesman).

I'm sorry the cellular is giving you such problems and am keeping fingers crossed that the antenna will solve those problems.

so still along for the ride, just not always able to talk at ya. Have a great day. Keep smilin'
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