Friday, January 20, 2006


Oatman Hotel description

Oatman Hotel description
Originally uploaded by Dick Phillips.
I hope this will be readable but suspect you will have to click on it to go to the Flickr site in order to see it large enough to read. This is the back of the menu at the dining room of the Oatman Hotel. You will see from the photos that this hotel that is over 100 years old isn't quite up to the standards of many (any?) newer ones. I also hope it will be large enough due to my reducing it to make it quicker to upload and download. It is 600 by 399 pixcels while the original was 3008 by 2000. I am learning what works & what doesn't.

Dick, I like the status of your day to day life on the run.
Keep up the good work!
Hi Catfish, I sent you an email last night.

For everyone, I have replaced this photo on Flickr with an image that works better for the blog. That leaves the place holder here in this post blank. See the posting from Sat morning for the improved photo.
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