Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Off to Quartzsite today

Yesterday, in addition to learning something about putting photos on my blog, I went to lunch at Vito's Pizza and to Starbucks. It was the 6-month anniversary of Annie's death so instead of my usual hot mocha I ordered her favorite, a mocha light Frappachino. I see why she liked them as I do, too. Just not quite as well as I like my mochas.

I then returned to the RV park & took some photos here of the cactus garden, something Annie & I were going to do in both of our previous trips here but never found the time to do. After that, I got clothes washed at the laundry and started putting more things away to be ready to hit the road.

After watching the news on TV I took my shopping list across the street to Safeway and shopped, after filling the car's gas tank even though it was only down to half a tank. The current price there, with the 3 cent discount for Safeway card holders, is $2.329/gal, up ten cents a gallon from when I arrived in town two weeks ago. For the first time in a long while I bought over $50 worth of groceries so my next Safeway gas purchase will have a 6-cent per gallon discount. There are no large stores in Quartzsite - the nearest is 23 miles away in Blythe, CA.

Home for dinner, then I washed dishes and put more things away. To bed after the evening news. This morning I've had breakfast and am now posting my last blog note from Bullhead City. I still have to empty my holding tanks and drop off the last of the garbage, then leave the park before the check out time at 10. I have about a 130 mile drive to the Boomer parking area in the desert east of Quartzsite called Boomerville. I expect my next post to be from there, later today.


Drive safely Dick. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep smilin'
Dick, your adventures remind me that I wished I had kept my old camper van that I bought from T. Thurlby about 14 years ago.
I had a great time with it and I plan to get another rig before I retire and do even more.
Go for it, Catfish. It is a wonderful way to travel.
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