Thursday, January 19, 2006


A rare cloudy day in Arizona

Shortly after daylight the clouds that had been over the mountains to the east spread to cover the whole sky. I don't think it will rain and in fact there are sun breaks now & then but there has also been a fairly strong wind. I had been planning to go to Oatman, up in the mountains east of town but I think instead I will go to Laughlin, Nevada to visit the Riverside Casino and probably see a movie this afternoon. If the weather isn't too good I think I would rather be inside at a low elevation rather than outside in the mountains at Oatman The wild burros will just have to wait until tomorrow for their carrots from me..

Escapees RV Club has sent my mail and it may arrive today, but I really think it is more likely that it will be tomorrow. It left Livingston, Texas Tue since Mon was a holiday. It has been two weeks since I got mail but this won't be two weeks worth. The post office at home forwards it to Escapees which takes a few days. Then there is two or three days for it to get to me, wherever I am, when I ask to have it sent. If I have it sent to me at General Delivery at a post office, I think there is a one day delay before the receiving post office has it ready for me to pick up. This campground, Riverside Adventure Trails, will accept camper's mail so this time it is coming here. Some campgrounds don't want to be bothered doing this and in those places you have to use General Delivery.

The sun has been shining for awhile now, so maybe these clouds will go away. I think I will still go to Laughlin and go to Oatman tomorrow. I'll post this now & test my link to make sure I put it in correctly. The link will take you to the casino web page and you can learn a lot about what they offer in the way of entertainment & activities in addition to gambling. I do very little gambling but do find them a fun place to visit. I'll write more later now that I can easily do it from home, again.

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Hi Dick, I am happy to see the antenne is up, and working well with the p.c. card. Now you shouldn't need to frequent the library so much for that purpose. Also glad to see that you are all booked into the r.v. sites that you will be going to, that way no chance of not getting a spot.My sister lives in the Okanagan valley here in British Columbia, in a town called Oliver.She owns an R.V./ motel.So I know how quickly they can fill up.Have a good day, and be careful at the casino my friend. Hope you get all your mail with no hassle, sounds like a good little set up Escapees did you call it. Many smiles Dick and cute little Huggy.
I really don't gamble so the casino is a pretty safe place for me. I occasionally spend a couple of dollars on slot machines, usually the nickle ones, but that is just small change & entertainment money.

Yesterday I watched a movie, "Munich." It is pretty good but also pretty violent.
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