Monday, January 09, 2006


A relaxed traveler.....

I am sitting here in a full hookup campground, after taking a nice hot shower in the rig, having eaten breakfast, listening to an oldies radio station out of Fresno, drinking coffee and reading blogs of people who have become friends through that medium. I have had a lot of fulltime RVers tell me this is "the life" and I guess it is moments like this that make you appreciate how true that is. Outside it is about 50 degrees with an overcast that looks more like a high fog. The radio says it will burn off and be sunny today. I plan to leave about 10 but don't want to get to Bakersfield before the rush hour is over, nor do I want to arrive at the Walmart in Barstow, my planned stopping point for tonight, too early, so here is a nice place to just sit and relax a few minutes.

When I stop for gas in east Bakersfield I may look for a place for a mocha. I don't always find my usual Starbucks stores while on the road but have found some small, unknown (to me) places that sometimes make a very fine mocha, and that has been fun. A few of them were not so good but I keep reminding myself that in coffee (mochas), good is often more a matter of what you are used to and one that isn't "good" to me might be very good to their regular customers. While on the road like I've been the last few days I prefer to not have to unhook the car, so wherever I go has to be either a place I can stop with the RV/car combination or a place I can walk to.

I am looking forward to entering the Mohave Desert after my Bakersfield stop and a climb of Tehachapi Pass. I expect it will be sunny and warm there. That is a good part of the reason I come south for the winter. Sunshine, warmth and longer hours of daylight. Plus we have met some good people whom I consider friends while on the road and I will see some of them, too.

It is nine o'clock so I guess I'd better stop this, wash my dishes and start putting things away in order to get on the road. My neighbors from Puyallup just pulled out and I should be on my way in about an hour. I will try to write more later about my actual travels for today. I don't know if I will have this Internet connection available in Barstow or will need to use the Pocketmail/email connection but one way or another I should be able to add an update. Hopefully I can start putting up some photos once I get to Bullhead City & start exploring around there. More later.


Hello Dick, I have just finished updating myself with your last few posts.I am guilty for not blogging much on the weekend.Spending time with my kids, also my kids use the computer so much that on the weekend I don't stand a chance of getting on it.I am happy to see that your travels are going good. Wow you are all the way in California now. You had stopped at Eugene Or for a we bit, my grandma lived there for years and we would go there in the summer every year to visit.Im sure it has changed alot since then.Have a great day, and I will be back tomorrow to check in.Say hello to huggy, give her a tickle under her chin for me.CHEERS DICK,
Hi Dick, just got a chance to come back and comment this morning as I was at Carol and Susan and Keith's place last night and I don't comment from other people's computers as it leaves all my info there.
I like hearing about your travels. I'm sorry that it's alone this year, but you will always have Annie riding shotgun with you. She is there in spirit to watch and help you.
As I said to Susan last night it would have been really cool to see pictures of the places you talk about, I was wishing you had a digital camera to upload pictures with the posts. Oh well, maybe next time.
Keep smilin' Dick, memories also keep her alive in your heart.
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