Sunday, January 29, 2006


Saturday activities

I didn't write a post last night but will this morning to cover what went on during the day. I puttered around the RV early in the morning. I got up just after it got light, about 07:15, to find the outside temp to be 43. Due to the mountains directly east of here the sun doesn't hit Boomerville until a bit after 8 and then there were light clouds, almost like a thin, high fog, that cut the sun's intensity, so the solar panels don't charge at full capacity. Here is a good link to the Quartzsite events that go on down here over the winter. This covers them better than the link to the town that I put up a couple of days ago.

I went over to visit with J in his rig, then we headed for the campfire ring area for a noon discussion group about the Elks clubs. Many of these fraternal groups that have lodges also have small campgrounds attached, or at least allow overnight boondocking in their parking lots. This can be a good alternative to staying at Walmart when you are on the road & just looking for a stopping spot for one night.

After that I spent some time on the Internet & reading in my RV, until the Happy Hour started at 16:00, with the Jeraldine contest & a skit put on by the first timers at a Q-Rang. Here is a photo from each and there are more on my Flickr site. Just click on one of these photos to be taken there, then click on "Dick Phillip's Photostream" to see all of the photos. Click on any of them that you want to see in a larger size.
Jeraldine contest

Newby skit

After these programs I drove into town with my book for a nice dinner of prime rib at Mark's Family Restaurant. When I left the restaurant there was another beautiful sunset so I hustled back home (I forgot to take my camera along!) to get a photo of it before it was all gone. It was even more spectacular than the photo shows, earlier. I also didn't take time to get my tripod so I was hand holding it at about a 1 second exposure so it isn't as sharp as I like to get them, but here it is:
Quartzsite sunset

There was a program with a good singer named Sally who is from Alberta, Canada, at 19:00 around the bonfire. I stayed for most of it but it did start getting cold. The temp drops fast after the sun sets. I spent the rest of the evening in the RV reading, watching TV and on the Internet.

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I'm sure the sunsets are different in the desert than here on the coast. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your travels.
Dick, last month you mentioned one of your favorite blogs. Here's one that was mentioned in last week's seattle times - newyorkhack.
It's the day to day life of a new york cabbie. This blog gets many, many comments.
Hello Dick,

Haven't written in my blog for a while. Worked ten hours Saturday - Eva the lady I take care of had to be taken to the ER and have emergency appentixdemy ( I know this isn't spelled correctly) her husband has Parkinson's so making sure he stayed calm was important. Their daughter came late Saturday and took over, and I went home around 10 pm Saturday night. Yesterday, I took a much needed rest. The aritritis in my knee's is killing me.

These photo's are beautiful you are doing a GREAT job with your blog and I'm so proud of the way your going on without Annie, cause I know how much you miss her.

The rain is still coming down here it seems it hasn't let up in months, actually it hasn't!!! Be happy you are were the sunshine is and your friends.

Will sign off now, need to go to the health club and get into the hot tub for some healing of my joints. Take good care and look forward to hearing from you.

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