Thursday, January 12, 2006


Starbucks, antennaes & weather

Wed. after breakfast I drove to the do-it-yourself car wash near the other Safeway & washed the car which really was needed after it was towed 1420 miles from Mt. Vernon, WA to Bullhead City, AZ. Then I went next door to the Starbucks in the Safeway store. It is still the only Starbucks in town but they dropped the 1 free after buying 6 program the first of this year. The price of my standard grande mocha is 20 cents higher than at home, at $3.45 plus tax. The Verizon card did connect there but they have no electric outlet available so it will work only as long as my 4 year old laptop battery will last. I limited my activity, typed fast & didn't try to add another post to my blog then. I did learn that WiFi is available at the library so that might be my best option.

I headed back toward the RV park & stopped at the real estate place we have gotten maps before for a new map & to ask about the price & availability of lots in RV parks to buy in Bullhead City. There are 3 available in Riverview Resort, each about $35,000 plus a monthly "condo" fee of around $140. Property taxes are around $240 per year.

Back to my park where every Wed. they have hamburgers for lunch for about $2.50. I met R & K there & we talked about cell phone connections. I went back to the RV after lunch to spend some time with Huggy.

Mid-afternoon I left & drove to Mohave RV Repair that is just down the road & made an appointment for next Tue. to have a Wilson Trucker's Antennae installed on my RV. Now I have to find an antennae!

Another stop, this at the Cellular One store. They have 2 of them on order & they will be available by Fri. She will also order the adapter for my wireless card that hopefully will arrive by Tue. They did have the adapter for my voice phone so I got it & a new battery for it, too.

Then back home for a visit with R & K at their 5-wheel RV for a couple of hours. Back to my RV about 17:30 (Arizona time) for awhile, then a quick run to Safeway across the street for cooked chicken for dinner & some frozen foods, then back home the rest of the evening.

My cell connection from here is so poor that when my grand daughter called it went to voice mail, even though I was with the phone & it was on. I try to make a call, it says "Dialing" for 30 seconds or so, then says the call failed. This is a real poor area for cell phone access & I hear from others that it is not just Verizon that has problems. I think I really need that outside antennae but hope I don't have to add an amplifier for it to work well!

Our weather has been good. It is now Thu. morning & the outside temp was about 40 when I got up about 8. There are some thin clouds but the sun is shining & it should again warm into the upper 60s. I have been watching the "Today Show" from LA on the satellite & they said Seattle is expecting rain & winds for the 25th straight day! For about 2 weeks before that it was clear & dry but down to the mid-20s every night. It is much nicer weather wise down here.



Rain for 26 days straight, now! If we hit or pass 33 days, we'll have beat the record of 33 days set back in 1955 or so! Too much rain and I can see my breath outside, to boot! Bring home some of the warm weather when you travel north, please! M
It should be nice up there by the time I get home in early May. By then it will be starting to get so hbot down here that it will be a lot nicer there than here, at least in the desert. Just start looking for classes on how to build an ark!
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