Monday, January 23, 2006


A test posting of a photo from Flickr

I am going to test posting a photo from Flickr directly into my blog. I would like to get them to appear larger in the blog itself so people don't have to always go to the Flickr site to see a bigger version. Most blogs I see have larger photos posted in the blog itself and I want to find out how to do that. This is an old photo, of Annie with older son, B, when he was about ten days old in Sep, 1972. It was taken with a Nikon F 35mm SLR camera, f1.4 50mm lens, Tri X B&W film. I scanned the negative in order to get the digital image. Here is the photo:
Mother and Baby

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What a precious picture.
Lovely pictures Dick, the one of Annie and her baby was very nice. Keep posting pictures as it is nice to see them. Cheers,
Loved the one of Annie and the baby, great black & white photo
I agree with Jenny,
Hey sheepdog, Give me a hollar sometime !!!
this picture is beautiful. you must have loved her very much. keep it up with the travels!!!
so, so very precious.

thank you for sharing.

as i said earlier I am reading you from beginning to end...i don't think i shall sleep tonight to find til' the end of your travels.

that pic is a work of art...again, thank you for sharing.
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