Saturday, January 07, 2006


We made it to Red Bluff, CA

The posting I sent in earlier was written last night on the Pocketmail but sent this morning from Roseburg, OR when we stopped for gas, so it is also listed with today's date.

We left Eugene about 08:50 this morning, drove a little over an hour to Roseburg where we stopped for gas at the Chevron where it was $2.299/gal & we took 44.8 gal. There is a mocha stand in front of the gas station so it is a favorite place of ours to stop, plus it is pretty convenient to and from the freeway. My gas gauge seems to be acting up. When we started the rig this morning it indicated 1/4 tank while there was about 1/2 yesterday when we parked. There was no indication of anyone messing with the tank or gas cap and as I drove the level went up, then back down. When the tank was filled it stayed on empty, then went up to 1/4 and then back to empty. I hope it is just a loose wire as it can get pretty expensive if they have to empty the tank, then lower it and take the parts out to work on.

Our routing today was just south on I-5. We stopped in Roseburg for gas & a mocha, then in the Rest Stop at Weed, CA to re-heat the rest of my pizza from last night for lunch. Huggy got some kitty candy there as well. Siskiyou Pass was just bare and wet with very little snow even along side the roadway. We stopped again in a Rest Stop just north of Red Bluff as I didn't want to arrive at Walmart too early. We got here about 17:15 and it was still light! The rain finally stopped between Redding and Red Bluff and it is now 50 degrees outside at almost 20:00 hours.

Much of this trip is duplicating the first Snowbird trip Annie & I made after I retired. That year (2004) we didn't leave home until Feb 14th, spent 3 nights in Auburn and 2 in Eugene, but we stopped in this Walmart lot and got dinner at the Arby's next door, and I did that again tonight. That was our first time overnighting in a Walmart but we have done it a few times since. It doesn't make sense to pay $20 or more for a campground when all we need is a place to park for a few hours rest and we will be leaving fairly early the next morning. The RV is fully self-contained and doesn't need any hookups for a short stay like that. I hope the weather is going to be pretty good now the rest of the way south for us.

I have a good strong signal here on my Verizon wireless card so the connection is good. I did learn how to send an update from Pocketmail and not have the "Sent via Pocketmail" etc they append onto a message show up (see my original test one sent from home in the archives for Dec - it is there.) But, it did work well sending something via Pocketmail although I couldn't use B's phone as it is a headset only, so held off until I got gas today.

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Sounds like you are making pretty good time and weather certainly cooperating. I have family in Los Molinos so I know Red Bluff. Once I locked myself out of car at motel in Weed, pouring rain, had my dog, gal friend with broken foot & got them in motel and went to car to get all our "gear" and was locked out. That is when I learned to carry extra car keys in my billfold! Locksmith had to come from Eureka and it was amazing he had car unlocked within hour & 1/2 of my 8 pm phone call. Hope you don't overload on mochas....
No mocha today! I worry some about the key issue especially since my spare key carried is no longer with me. I've made sure there is an RV entry key on the car key ring and vice versa. Hopefully I will always have at least one of them along!

We are making pretty good time and finally are out of the rain. I'll post my travels today when I finish this & take Huggy for the walk I have been promissing her.
I've discovered that I can not edit a comment I've made after it has been published. My comment above should have said "since my spare key carrier is no longer with me." The word "carried" in that place doesn't make sense and wasn't what I intended. I guess I need to re-read them twice before I hit the button!
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