Sunday, January 22, 2006


A windy day here in Bullhead City, AZ

Well, it is half time in the Seattle Seahawk & Carolina Panther football game, so it seems a good time to start a post to my blog. I want to give you another link, this one to the offical web site for Bullhead City, AZ. There is a lot of information about this area on this site.

I attended church again this morning at Church of the Holy Spirit in Bullhead City. Today was their annual meeting with a brunch after the service, that I was invited to. I really like this church and it's people, and the food was very good.

I took advantage of good phone service while in town to call both sons M and B. It is also a good day to do that since we all three have free cell phone minutes on weekends, so it doesn't count against any of our paid minutes. Then off to Starbucks for a Sunday mocha. Annie & I started going on a weekly mocha date in the early 1990s and later expanded it to include Sunday after church. I have been continuing these "dates," sometimes alone, sometimes with others. I enjoy it even alone as I am a reader & always take a book and I also like to people watch.

After Starbucks I headed home, with another stop at the Dollar General store. I got home in time to watch the last quarter of the AFL championship game that the Pitsburg Steelers won, putting them into this year's Superbowl. The winner of the game that is on now will be the other team. So far it looks good for Seattle, with them ahead 27 to 7 a few minutes into the second half of the game.

I'll go ahead and post this so I can check the link. It is now dark, 18:53 hours, so I will probably add another post later, but I think I will go out for pizza for dinner when the football game is over, so it might be pretty late.


Dick, sounds like old times when we had our nightly meeting at 7 PM in the Southend. Have you been in contact with D.Barry? It would be nice to meet uo with him since he moved to Arizona. It's like a zoo around here as everyone is anticipating the super bowl in 2 weeks. That's the talk of the town right now. I'm glad you're keeping up on it.
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