Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A cold day in Yuma

Well, the weather forcast was wrong - it didn't get to 79. In fact it was kind of cold at only 76! If the clouds stay overnight tonight they will keep the overnight temp ten degrees or so warmer than if it clears up. But tomorrow should be clear with a high of 80. There is a beautiful sunset right now. They really are better with clouds.

I got my clothes washed this morning but we don't have a dryer here, only a clothes line thingy. I don't know how to use it nor did I have any of those wood things that hold the clothes on the ropes, so I loaded my clean but wet clothes into the car and set out to find a laundromat. The closest one had a long wait & they didn't really seem to want me as I wouldn't be using their washers. I drove over to the campground where we stayed the last two years but HALF of their dryers were not working so there was a wait there, too. I then drove into town as I had some rebate checks that came in my mail from Escapees to deposit at the bank & there was a laundromat nearby. I got a dryer there right away, a quarter bought ten minutes and one hour was enough to dry them all.

My next stop was the Starbucks on 16th at the new shopping center that Annie & I found last year, for a mocha, followed by a shopping trip to Wallyworld. When we came out of this store on one trip last year, the hard rain that occured while we were inside had converted the parking lot to a lake. I had to wade through the edge of it to get the car! No problems like that today. The TV news just said today was the 112th consecutive dry day in Yuma. Yuma is known as the sunniest city in the country but I think the locals really want some rain.

Back home I got things put away, checked email & the blogs I read and am now writing this while watching the news. I may go someplace for dinner or I may just stay home. I am not a cook so if I stay home it will be something pretty simple and in some ways that sounds good. I have some DVD movies I haven't yet watched so that, along with reading my current book, is probably what I will do, after NCIS.


You and your mochas. Glad you have that Starbucks nearby, LOL! Looking forward to seeing some new pics.
Sounds like a fine day Dick. Glad you have somewhere close by to get one of those mochas. I used to buy them, but now I just make my own.

NCIS sounds like a good show, I've finally got back to watching TV after a year of being addicted to blogging.

Keep smilin' Dick, have a good one tomorrow
Dick, we'll take that 76 degrees any day up here. Have you made contact with Dean yet?
Catfish, I got hold of them via email. Their town is SE of Apache Junction. I plan to meet them while I am staying in Tucson next month, before Life on Wheels. I also saw Lloyd Moore at Quartzsite and may go see Jack O'Bryan who is across the river from Yuma on the Calif. side while I'm here.
I cant imagine 112 dry days! We just broke a record for the wetesty january. Although the rain has stopped and the sun is out again, the ground is so saturated that its still soggy. Feilds are still filled with standing water. But its warming up.
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