Monday, February 06, 2006


From Yuma, but still no broadband speed

I think I will just forget yesterday's Superbowl. At least the Seahawks did get there for their first ever appearence. As M said in a comment, "Maybe next year" (that was for me as she is a Steeler fan.)

I got the rest of the rig ready this morning to leave & got away from Boomerville at 10:22. It was 84 miles from there to my parking place for the next month. I stopped on the way into the Yuma Foothills area at a truck stop to fill the RV gas tank since I think it will cost more in a month when I leave the area. It took 32.8 gal at $2.439/gal. That included quite a few hours of running the generator while boondocking at Quartzsite, using something like 3/4 gal per hour of gas. I then put in 30 gal of reverse osmosis water at 10 cents per gal. Most tap water down here is high in salts & other minerals so doesn't taste good. This reverse osmosis water is almost too soft but it is at least pretty neutral in taste. I won't use much of it while here as I will buy drinking water in gallon jugs and use tap water for washing, toilet flushing, etc. This will be mainly used while boondocking next month while at Life on Wheels in Tucson.

My place here has full hookups - 30 amp electric, water & sewer. I get local TV channels from the antennae and the satellite antennae sees the satellite so all of those channels are available, too. There is a shed with a full bathroom and a clothes washer for the use of myself and the other RV here on the lot. It is just over two miles to the Zodiak Internet Cafe (mochas) & Fry's supermarket, so most important things are pretty close. My cousins, J & S L, live right behind me on the next street over. I have hooked up my laptop and find that a broadband connection apparently is not available here, as it again hooked up on National Access. The faster connection might be available in town. I am actually out in the Yuma Foothills and the main part of Yuma is ten miles or so to the west.

The local news is on & the weather report says the daily high temperatures over the next week will range from 79 to 84 with overnight lows in the upper 40s. That sounds about ideal! My mail was here waiting for me and I think I now have all that I will need to do my income taxes. Ugh, but it has to be done. This is really a tough life style but someone has to do it!

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Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was surfing the blog world, when your blog "popped" up, so I thought I'd say hello. I have read a couple of your posts. I'll be back.......
Great temps for the week. I don't blame you for gassing up. My husband says that gas/oil prices are going to increase yet again! It's crazy.
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