Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I got BlogRolling going today

I tried a few things to resolve my spacing problem with entering links on my blog template but all I tried didn't put them up single spaced. A friend suggested I look into BlogRolling so I went to their web site, looked around & decided to try it.

I got it setup pretty easily and entered some favorite sites, both blogs and web sites. I wish they opened in a separate window but I suppose most users will figure out that they need to use their "Back" button to return. Now I have some more software to figure out how to use.

My mail came today from Escapees RV Club. They shipped it Thursday & I hoped it would arrive Saturday, especially since there was no mail delivery service yesterday due to it being a National holiday. I haven't read through all of it yet but I believe I now have what I need to finalize my income taxes. I will submit them electronically and it looks like I'll get back about as much this year as we had to pay last year. It has been a challenge to try to figure out how much money I should have withheld for taxes from Annie & my various sources of income. Just as I thought it was making sense, Annie died and that has thrown it into turmoil again. I will run an estimated return with the 2005 software to try to get an idea where I will be in a year. I like to get a small amount back but don't want to loan the government too much since it doesn't earn anything while they have it.

Finally a little after 16:00 I realized I had basically worked on the PC all day and forgotten to stop for lunch! I also needed a mocha, so drove to Zodiak for the mocha, then a Mexican restaurant I've never eaten in called Don Quiote and had dinner. Or would it be called lunner, combining lunch & dinner? Anyway it was good.

I am now watching TV (I remembered NCIS this week!) and am again playing on the PC. I still have mail to sort through and will try to get that done tonight. I have no plans yet for tomorrow but am sure something will happen. Later.

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There is just a little bit of extra html coding that I add to my blog links when I'm coding them in, and that brings the reader right back to my site without having to hit the back button. But I'm glad blogroll is working for you if it's easier!

Hope you have a good day tomorrow Dick, and good luck with your taxes, it's always a pain in the patootie, but I remember the year my late husband passed away, it was suddenly a lot more complicated.
Hello Dick,
I love the pics of Mexico and your writing makes me feel like I am right there , really nice , I enjoy the blog, will be back again, rub Huggy behind the ears for me he he . take care
Green eyed girl
Hi Dick, your stories continue to amaze me. I have been reading through your archive ... wow. There are some amazing photos.
Good luck with your taxes ... they are a real pain to prepare, aren't they. Ours are always due on the 1st July, so I still have a few months !! Have a great day, take care, Meow
Dick, I'm so glad that you managed to work out Blogrolling before I could get back to you in the email. Like I said, if you have any other questions, just ask. Though all self taught, I've been at it for only 18 months.

Good luck on the taxes. I should have all my paperwork by Friday and be able to start my tax return too.

Is it time for a mocha yet? I hear one calling our names.

Keep smilin - hugs, love and prayers.
When adding a link to the BlogRoll, where it asks for target just type in _blank that will make the link open in a new window, leaving your old one in its original window.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com
Hi Dick, Hope now you have the Blogrolling you will find it a little easier to deal with organizing the links.Have a good evening, Cheers,
I like the way your links tell you when there is a new post to that persons blog. That's neat. I may have to try that.
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