Thursday, February 09, 2006


A link to the Zodiak Internet Cafe

Late this afternoon I drove to the Zodiak Internet Cafe and got their URL. While drinking my mocha I checked the site on one of their computers. It is interesting, especially if you want to learn something about astrology. Go ahead and check it out.

What's yer sign?

I read my horoscope. It's generally accurate! Then at the bottom it asked me if I should return to highschool and provided a phone number. Ahhh the fantasy is over. Don't they know I already attended highschool once! If I return I might be the cool kid though!
I am a Virgo with a Sep 10 birthday & I, too, found mine to be fairly accurate in many ways. I don't remember anything about high school. Mine was way too long ago to even think about going back other than a tour to see the remodeled building.
Looks like the potluck was a big hit. Nice that you snowbirds are so sociable.
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