Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Links, oranges, mochas & statistics

This morning I went onto my BlogRolling program and tried the suggestion sent me by Daddy Detective to get my links to open in their own window. They now seem to work. Thanks, Daddy Detective! I also picked some oranges from the tree beside my RV to send son, M, as he requested and did some housekeeping things around here.

I went to lunch at a fish & chips place, then to a used bookstore near there to buy a replacement of the Sue Grafton "M" book that apparently fell out of the pickup in Algodones. She had a good selection of Robert B. Parker "Spenser" books so I bought six of them. Of course I don't have a list of those I already have so will probably find I bought at least one I already have.

Then it was off to the UPS Store to ship the oranges. That cost $12.80 plus the cost of the box! They would have been a lot cheaper in the store. I hadn't had a mocha yet so a stop at The Grocery Store solved that. I only have to buy two more and I'll get a free one. The one from Zodiak yesterday was also free. I can cook a Mexican chef salad & have not had one since before I started this trip, so I bought the things I needed and came home to fix one for dinner.

I have been looking at the statistics from my hit counter. I will try to post the list of how many hits came from which cities. This is not totally accurate as the city listed is where the blog reader connected to the Internet. I know mine shows up as being in New Jersey as that is where Verizon Wireless is, but I am sure that I really am in Yuma, AZ. Here is the chart:

12 Vancouver British Columbia Canada
10 - - - -
10 Melbourne Victoria Australia
6 Livingston New Jersey United States
6 San Francisco California United States
5 Germantown Maryland United States
4 Liberty Missouri United States
3 Calgary Alberta Canada
2 Gastonia North Carolina United States
2 Houston Texas United States
1 Kenmore Washington United States
1 Bellingham Washington United States
1 Great Falls Montana United States
1 San Carlos California United States
1 Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States
1 Los Angeles California United States
1 Tucson Arizona United States
1 Miami Florida United States
1 Everett Washington United States

Well, it does not have the neat formatting the original had but it looks like the data is there. I think the number shows how many connected in that town, then is the town, region and country. The one with the blanks apparently were some the software couldn't get the info from. This is data for hits today, 22 Feb.

Tonight I plan to read, watch the Olympics on TV, catch up my paper & pen journal and snuggle with Huggy.


Hi Dick, sounds like you are having a great time.
Re your stats, I think the Melbourne, Victoria, Australia might be me ... yay !!
Enjoy your restful evening, give Huggy a cuddle from me, take care, Meow
Sounds like a lot of fun Dick having the ability to track where people are connecting to you from. I must be a Vancouver BC one, because it's the closest major hub to Maple Ridge.

Yay for free mochas. I bet that Mexican salad was awesome too.

Keep smilin'
Meow and Joe, I am sure you are both included in those two cities. You both have a link to my site on your blogs (Thank You!) so I suspect at least some of the other hits came because of your sites. I guess this kind of info doesn't really mean much in a non-commercial blog like mine, but it is fun to see. My connections from the US are sure scattered all over. A couple of days ago there was one each from Japan and Denmark! I know who the one in Japan probably was but have no idea on the Danish one. Maybe that spam I removed from my comments.
Wow, how come I don't show up from Edmonton, Alberta?? I'm sure I'm here and not in Calgary, LOL! And I wouldn't be the blank one as I don't have anything to block it installed.... and I show up in other people's. Weird huh?

Hope you have a good day today Dick. :)
I think statcounter has me coming from L.A. instead of the podunk Nevada town I'm really from. So, hello, I'm your podunk non L.A. friend.
I am wondering about the cities shown, too. We are in Eugene, Oregon, but if the hook comes from where the transmission comes from, then I must show up wherever Direcway is. That *might* be the Germantown, MD entry.

Happy mocha! ;->

That's definitely me from L.A. I use both Sitemeter and Statcounter and I checked my stats. I guess the company that my local ISP uses is based in L.A and Statcounter logs that. Sitemeter shows me coming from my proper little podunk NV town.
Dad, I'll be your pseudo Everett based son in Arlington, WA!! Kind of neat to see where everyone's hitting from. We've got blue sky again! Freezing, but no snow, as had been expected! Too cold to go out on the bike, but at least there's no snow to contend with!
Hi Dick
Hope your having a good time and can hardly wait to read your next adventure, scratch huggy behind the ears for me and you take care out there .
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