Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My income taxes are finished!

Well, almost. I do have to go back onto the TurboTax site tomorrow and make sure the return was accepted. Then when I get home & have a printer I will have to connect this laptop to it and print the hard copies.

But it was a challenge to do. I got the darn thing finished (yes, I get a bit of a refund) but couldn't submit it from home. When I got going in the process it told me that I had to update to the newest forms, ten of them. It would start and get to 52% of the way through form #4, then the computer would just turn off! It didn't time out the connection and leave me hanging like that, it just shut it off. It would restart okay and didn't go to the screen that says Windows was incorrectly shut down & needed to "fix" itself - wierd. I called Verizon Wireless to ask about it today after this happened something like 8 times. They didn't know what was going on, said they hadn't heard of that problem before.

So, since I had not had a MOCHA yet today, I gathered up the PC and its gear & drove to one of the Internet cafes nearby. It connected fine on the WiFi card to their system and TurboTax connected to it's home site, after I remembered to re-set TurboTax to WiFi instead of dialup like it wanted to use on NationalAccess. It sped right on through that 52% spot and finished the download, they installed okay and now I am finished (well, almost) with them. The cost to file electronically has gone up this year, at least through the TurboTax/Intuit connection, but with me on the road and not having a printer it seemed like the best thing to do.

Son M said on the phone that the oranges arrived yesterday and they are still edible. The photos he sent me of grand daughter K arrived today so now I have each of the Grandkids on the RV bulletin board along with some Annie photos. Neighbors D & B T called yesterday from Quartzsite where they are now in their 5-th wheel trailer. I am going to drive up there tomorrow for a visit in my car. It will be fun to see them again and also to see how Q looks now, a month beyond the Main Event and most of the other things that go on up there that time of the year. I'll plan to take some photos on the trip.

This WiFi is nice. I kind of had forgotten what it is like to zip along on the web at high speed. My card on NationalAccess tops out at about 87kps. The indicator says this card is running at 54.0Mbps - a whole lot faster. Oh well, in another month I will be in California where BroadBand access is supposed to again be available. NationalAccess is better than nothing!

Glad you are up to date with your tax return. Our financial year is July to June, so our returns don't need to be done for another few months. However, I haven't done the last 2 ... naughty me !! I have an appointment with my accountant next Wednesday to do them both, as if I don't submit the 2003/2004 one before the end of March, I will be fined !!
Isn't it frustrating when you don't have fast internet access ... you spend so much time waiting.
Have a great day, take care, meow
HUH?? I have no idea what you are talking about!! I know what a laptop is, but all that other stuff lost me! I already got my tax return and spent it!
We already got our return back as well and the majority of it is going to finance my daughter's conference in Ft Lauderdale this summer.
Hi Dick
It must be a relief to get your taxes done I still am waiting to do mine ,here in Canada we have another little while then the crunch is on.You certainly love your MOCHA , it is good isnt it , I cant drink much as I am a night owl and with caffine I would never sleep!but I LIKEY! It seems lie you have been around alot of places , ever been here in canada? Thanks again for the idea of books on the net , we are a little remote but we have mail! anyway take care of yourself out there ,rub Huggy behind the ears for me and drive safe
Dick, have you tried the marbled mocha machhiato yet?
Did you meet up with Sheepdog?
Enjoy your visit with the neighbours. Drive safe.
Its nice to have all your photos of loved ones up to glance at. I love mine. I have some of my favorite snaps tacked on the wall in front of my computer.
Ah, taxes. They are a necessary evil. I suppose we each have our ideas where government expenses could be reduced, but whatever, taxes seem to continue going up. My electronic return was accepted so is now under way & should be direct deposited to my bank account within two weeks.

Meow, I will be happy to get to where my card works right & the speed goes up. You kind of take it for granted when you have it & sure miss it when it goes away.

Phyllis, your knowledge & experience with computers will grow as problems come up & you solve them. Practical experience is the best teacher.

Greeneyes, I usually order either split shots, half decaf & half regular coffee or all decaf. You still get the taste but without the cafiene. Mail order, especially over the Internet, is simple to do & can save you some money, but the shipping costs often eat up those savings. Be careful of giving out personal and financial info, though.

Catfish, I sent you an email, but Starbucks is 13 miles away & I have been going more to closer places.

oopseedaisee, the visit yesterday was good. I have a few photos but think I'll take more today so will wait & put them all up at the same time. Quartzsite is a lot quieter now, most of the sellers are gone for the seasons. I got home just after dark at about 19:10.
I go to meet with our tax lady next Tuesday and will be glad to get it over with.
One less thing to worry about:
Hope you had a great day.
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