Thursday, February 16, 2006


My Valentine Day lunch & mocha

After finding and posting that wonderful poem, "Within You", on Valentine's Day, I left Huggy at home in the RV & drove to Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta restaurant to meet the Great-grandparents of my Grand daughter, K, for lunch. K & C K come to Yuma in November to spend the winter. Annie & I have enjoyed spending time with them and we met last year while here on our last Snowbird trip together at this same restaurant. I had recently had pizza so had spaghetti this time. After lunch and a lot of talking we wandered on down the strip mall to Zodiak Internet Cafe for mochas and I showed them my blog using the Zodiak's computers. Here is a photo of K & C at Da Boyz, especially for our grandkids, J, K & J:
Ken & Cleo Knight
I came home to the RV for the rest of the day and read, watched TV and surfed the Internet. It was quite a different Valentine Day from last year but then every day is different now.

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the RV, primarily on the Internet. I have sure gotten spoiled by my broadband connections, the DSL at home and on the road with my card, when it will connect to a broadband site. I went onto the Verizon Wireless site and found a place where I can enter a zip code or town name and it will tell me if I can connect and of so, what type of a connection I will get. It looks like Verizon isn't prominent in Arizona. Around Phoenix broadband is available but that is all, even down in Tucson. I got it at Bullhead City but that was really from across the river in Nevada. I won't have another broadband connection until the first of April when I get to the Indio, CA area! I guess I am retired so just need to keep in mind that if it takes a little longer, it won't matter. I will sure appreciate those faster speeds when they are available, though.

In the late afternoon I went to my cousins, J & S home, which is on the street right behind where I am. J & I looked over his latest hobby car, a 50s era Fiat 600 but with an Audi engine in the back seat. His car club has a car show this Friday so he's been cleaning & polishing the car. We then took his two dogs for a walk & I was invited to stay for dinner when we got back. During dinner the forecast winds arrived so after eating I came home to put up my small awning so it doesn't get damaged. I also brought in the flags from on the front of the RV. Then back to their house for popcorn and a movie.

When I got home to stay for the night I realized I'd missed my mocha for the day! As soon as I finish this posting I'll eat lunch, then head out for one today to make sure I don't miss it two days in a row. I should have more photos this weekend, what with the car show and then on Saturday the Hank Day Parade happens. I guess Hank is the guy who started developing the Yuma Foothills area where we are. The weather forecast isn't real good, with them calling for a high temp of only 64 on Sunday, but no rain (or snow, either.) All the local folks have had to visit their storage lockers to look for winter coats. We Snowbirds will still be in our shorts and T-shirts.

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Hello again Dick, thanks for pinning my Guestmap, I'm going to look here and see if you have one too!

I just read the poem you posted in your last post.... oh my it is so beautiful. I feel my late husband in my heart when I read it.

I'm enjoying reading a bit more of your blog, take good care and stay safe!
Looks like a nice day. Its always nice to get together with old friends.
Dick, I just had a new drink called a Marble Mocha Maciatto at Starbuck's and it was good. Ask around down where you are and check it out. You will not be disappointed!
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