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Olympic Snowbirds rally in Yuma

I belong to the Olympic Snowbirds, a northwest based chapter of the Family Motor Coach Assoc (FMCA.) Most members truly are Snowbirds. A few years ago they started holding a rally in February in Yuma, AZ at the winter home of one of our members. Annie & I made it to our first one last year while in Yuma. The 2006 rally was yesterday and I attended. I didn't take as many photos as I'd have liked to but will post four of those I did take here. The others can be seen by clicking on one of these and going to my photostream on the Flickr site, where my photos are hosted. The photo of D & B's house is from the side rather than the front as they had about six visiting motorhomes parked on their lot, so there was no clear view of the front of the house. This shows enough to give you a feel for what it looks like.
OSB rally #1

The event started at 13:00 and everyone had a lot of talking to do, learning about each other's winter travels. The weather cooperated well, but this is Yuma, after all!
OSB rally #2

It was a potluck so everyone brought something for the feast. Last year our alphabet group drew salads but it is rotated each year. This year my group was to bring a hot dish! Everyone who knows me knows my cooking abilities are pretty much limited to heating canned soup or cooking a Papa Murphy's pizza, so I wasn't sure what to bring. I made a visit yesterday to the deli counter at the local grocery store & settled on cooked chicken. But, I had to wait awhile for it to cook as they had run out. While waiting I discovered they had a new Internet cafe that served Seattle's Best Coffee. Mochas are available and it is much closer than either the Zodiak or Starbucks! Anyway, back to the rally. Other than my forgetting to take a paper plate & silverware and my name tag, it went well.

This photo is the "meeting" part of the rally. The couple in the foreground with their backs to the camera are the home owners, D & B M. Some of those facing the camera include this year's president, last year's president, and other misc. people of importance, but not enough that I remember what office they hold.
OSB rally #3

This photo actually was taken before the others but I sort of like it, although I guess the composition isn't so great, with everything pretty well centered. But it shows some of the people, blue sky, cactus and the flags. What more could you want in one photo?
OSB rally #4

Anyway it was a fun day. I found that most of the current members have joined after Annie & I slowed down on attending rallies, so I don't know most of them. I did meet some new folks and had a chance to say "Hi" to some we have known since joining the group in Sep 1998. I got back home about 18:00 and spent the rest of the evening at home, even for dinner. Did you know there are now frozen pizzas that you can cook in a microwave? Yep.

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That sounds like a really interesting event to attend. I especially like potlucks. But then again, I do love to cook, so it's my kind of thing...
Glad you got to meet some old and new friends.

It's great that they have a Seattle's Best coffee place that serves your favorite mochas closer to you.

Frozen pizzas in the microwave? Thats news to me...
Not that frozen pizzas are your best option, Dad! Healthy choices, healthy choices! Stay around live longer so that we can go and play in the summer, okay? Eat leaves (as Katie likes to call them) at least once a week!

Hi Dick -

Bill J. pointed me to your blog! Glad to see you out and about. Would you believe that we are still in the PNW - but now Eugene, Oregon. We like it a lot here. Plan to spend some time this summer on the Olympic Peninsula. If we get over to the mainland, maybe we can get together for another mocha!

Virtual hugs,

Judie and Gary

On the road in -
Eugene, Oregon
Pizza in the microwave...not sounding too appetizing. You might want to pass on that one. I am looking at the pics you took and people wearing shorts while we are preparing for snow in the east! I want to trade places...
The microwave pizza I had is Digiornos rising crust type and it isn't too bad. You can add extra cheese & other stuff. They only come in small sizes, though.

Judie, I will be northbound through Eugene in late April on my way home, after the Escapees Escapade at Chico. Maybe we can meet then? Any chance that you will go to Escapade?
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