Sunday, February 19, 2006


The parade & more

I installed a "hit counter" on my blog today. It is the little block with numbers (red on a purple background, Annie's Red Hatter colors) that is at the bottom of my sidebar. It will add one to itself whenever someone logs on who hasn't connected to my blog in the last hour. So it didn't look so lonesome I started it at 101.

This morning I washed clothes again and finally tried that modern "clothes line" thing. I guess it is working okay although I fear my towels may feel more like sandpaper than nice soft towels. But, it is here and the price is right!

Here are those promised photos from yesterday's parade. The first is the white 1962 Triumph TR4 that is so much like the one I used to have. Does anyone know if these were related to Triumph motorcycles? They were both British but the motorcycles are still being made as my son, M, just got one for Christmas from his wife. Here is the car on Foothills Blvd. in Yuma:
Parade 1

This next photo is kind of a two-fer, a hot rod pickup and, painted in matching colors, a tear drop trailer. There is an RV for you, M! You would have to drive out west to pick it up and I don't know if the owners would sell it or not. I think most of these trailers were kits so the interiors were probably all different.
Parade 2

The final one is for all you Red Hatters out there. This was the group on the trailer but there were at least 8 or 10 golf cart type things running around, each with two or more Red Hatters in full regalia riding on them.
Parade 3

The next photo is a more accurate representation of what the view east along my street in front of the lot looks like. The other one I posted was looking at an angle while this looks straight down the sidewalk. It shows probably better how the Mexican brick is used to construct the fences. We usually don't turn the lanterns on top on - electricity is expensive here and they really don't add any useful light.
My street in Yuma

Here is a closer "artsy" type shot of the fence and lanterns. It might be a waste of cyberspace but with digital cameras, film is cheap!
My lanterns

I now need to go see if the clothes are dry. I don't think I can just wait for the buzzer to tell me when they are done. Then it is time to go for a mocha and a little shopping. I didn't make it to church this morning but still need my Sunday mocha. I can drop the CD with photos from the car show & parade off for cousin, J, and see if he and S would like to go, too. It will be interesting to watch that new hit counter. I wish I had put it in sooner. It was real easy to do.

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I love the truck and pickup, so different. And look at that hit counter of yours already racking 'em up! Have a great Monday Dick. :-)
Hi Dick, Love the photos of the parade. And that purple truck is just amazing, my daughter would love that one just because of the color.

Regarding your counter, that's awesome that you were able to figure that out. I saw your question on another blog about your links. If you want an easier way to manage your links, you could try using Blogrolling at it's free, they supply the html code for you the first time and it is easily updated just by adding the links in your sign-in page it automatically updates.

Keep smilin - hugs
Hello Dick, I was told by several of my readers I would enjoy your site and you would enjoy visiting "Our Porch"
and being a part of our little community so I wanted to come visit and invite you over. You have a nice place
here and I will be back to visit you again.
You are doing what I hope to do one day if my health allows me to.
Hi Dick, and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I thought I'd come and have a quick look ... wow, I am impressed. Your photos are stunning, and your travels sound so interesting. Huggy is just gorgeous. I will come back later, and have a read of your whole blog, right from the very beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. Take care, Meow
Hello Dick ,
I am here VIA Meow , I saw your post and thought I would check your blog out . First let me say I am sorry to read about the passing of your wife , that is a long time to be with one person,how wonderful ,that is rare in todays world. I read most of your post and saw your pics they are wonderful and it lets people follow your journey ,(Taking a back seat on the road so to speak !) which is great for us Canadians, especially from Atlantic Canada.
Have you ever been this way?
Your kitty HUGGY is so cute , looks exactly like my cat I had for 19 1/2 years his name was Romeo and he lived up to the name :)I will come back and follow the ride! goodluck and GodBless

Greeneyedgirlformplanetearth or
Hi Dick, Good to see the Red Hat Club is continent wide.My mum is a member of The Red Hat club in Oliver B.C. she loves it,I am sure Annie did also. Cheers,Carol
As far as I know the Triumph motorcycle, bicycle, and motorcar have common roots. They made their separate ways but at the end of the day - the motor cycles and cars share very similar excitement
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