Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A relaxing day at Q

Yesterday I set out to find the elusive Quartzsite mocha source. It is still elusive, so much so that I haven't found it. I have asked many people for help finding it but so far no one can, or will, help. I did find the Quartzsite Yacht Club. You would think that a desert town, without any water, that has a yacht club, certainly would have at least one mocha stand. Coming from a place where it isn't unusual to find three of them in one city block, this is hard to believe. I also found a barber and got my ears lowered. Does that relate? Probably not, but it proves that the trip was productive.

My propane is getting low and I would rather not have to drive into town to fill it before I leave next Monday, so I have not been using any heat inside overnight. I woke up to 51 degrees inside and outside this morning, and had a cat snuggled up next to me on the bed. I think she was cold. Once the sun came up it warmed quickly and was probably about 75 today.

J & I drove into town for lunch at a pretty good Mexican food place, then back out here for the afternoon. He was getting his coach ready to leave tomorrow while I changed kitty litter, called Escapees RV Club to order another packet of mail shipped to the address in Yuma where I will spend a month, and read. After the 4pm Happy Hour I stopped at J's coach for a beer & conversation. It started with three of us, then grew to seven. About 6:30 someone suggested we go to town for dinner, so we piled into two vehicles and drove to Silly Al's Pizza for dinner (guess what we ate) and karaoke. We got back home a bit before 9. J & the friends he was planning to go with to Parker tomorrow have decided to stay here a couple more days. It is one of the advantages of being a fulltime RVer to change your mind like that. Tomorrow we are going to install the second hard drive into my desktop computer.

It is cooling off in here so I think I'll post this and go to bed. Maybe I will go get propane sooner than Monday. I don't like being cold and Huggy doesn't, either. It's only about a five mile round trip. Maybe I'll decide with a heads or tails flip of a coin.

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Bbrrrrrr. I don't like being cold, I'd probably be going in for that propane a bit sooner.

Sounds like fun going for pizza and karaoke. That's what I did last night too, well the karaoke part. Love to sing.

keep smilin
Thanks for posting a comment on my new blog. Sounds like you are enjoying RVing... I envy you!

I love your kitty, I had a russian blue when I was a kid, she was a sweet cat.

Take care!
Absolutely, D! Get warmed up... you're out there enoying your trip south and are supposed to be warm! It's in the upper 30's here and I can only dream of the 50's - 70's range, so get that propane! Love ya,
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