Sunday, February 12, 2006


Sunday in Yuma

I'll start with a photo I should have posted over a week ago as it was taken on Friday the 3rd at the Tyson Wells sales area in Quartzsite. It is the Big Red Bus, where I finally found mochas available in town. This was a welcome find - I only wish I had "found" it a week or so earlier! Here it is:
Big Red Bus

Today I got up about as the sun hit the RV. The first necessity was to feed Huggy her special canned food. Once that is done, she will be happy & let me eat my breakfast. I have not been using any heat in the mornings but I was up a little earlier today than usual and it was only 55 inside so I turned on the propane furnace to make one run & bring the temp up to 64. I hadn't checked the starting time the service started at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on 16th in Yuma, but thought it was 9:30 or 10. I got there a few minutes late for the 9:30 start, to learn actual times were 8 and 10:30, so I was plenty early for the 10:30 service. I did remember to take my small camera along so had time to take some photos & I'll upload some now. Here is the main front entrance from the parking lot:
St Pauls Yuma #1

Here is the sanctuary after the service, as people were leaving. Notice the stained glass windows along the top of the wall. I have a closeup photo of one next:
St Pauls Yuma #2

The stained glass windows along the top of the wall in the photo depict the Stations of the Cross. Here is a close-up photo of one of those windows:
St Pauls Yuma #3

After the service I stayed for coffee hour but I was pretty much left alone as everyone talked with their friends. I left and drove to Starbucks which is nearby and continued my usual after church mocha, although today I ordered Annie's favorite, a mocha light Frappchino. It was pretty hot outside by then so this cold drink tasted good. On my way home I stopped at Walmart for a few things on my list.

At home I re-heated some of my pizza I had for dinner last night at Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta, then got started working with the photos taken today, and those from Tyson Wells last week that I had forgotten, to get them ready for Flickr & my blog. I will spend the rest of the evening reading. on the Internet, making some phone calls and watching TV. Perhaps tomorrow I'll load Turbotax and start doing my 2005 income taxes. One nice thing about being a resident of Washington State is that there are no state income taxes!

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Dad, I love the stained glass windows! Churches are special places and deserve the beauty that you usually see in one. Not much argument for religious institutions being financially "poor," though! Keep up the photo taking!!
Hello Dick, just wanted to stop by here and return the favour. Thank you for commenting on my blog today!

I am sorry to hear of Annie's passing..... I was widowed 10 yrs. ago and I know how hard it is. (I've since remarried) Good for you, for getting out and travelling again, and holding dear to Annie's memory. I wish you much pleasure and many joys... and safe trips!
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