Friday, February 24, 2006


Two quiet days

My Blogger Dashboard tells me this is my 80th post, but that is not really accurate since the first photos I posted were by using the "Blog This" option from Flickr and that makes a separate post for each photo. If I put up six photos in one day it counted as six posts. I have since learned how to move the HTML code that brings the photo from Flickr to Blogger and lets you put many of them in one post.

Yesterday I again met northwest friends, K & C K, for lunch. This time we went to Rob's Grill. Rob is from the NW but has relocated to Yuma & lives here fulltime. After lunch we spent some time at the Zodiak Internet Cafe for mochas and some browsing on the web. I came home for the rest of the evening and to finish my Mexican chef salad for dinner. I really need to learn how to cook something else!

Today I spent some time with the computers. I got into my author list and found that of the six Robert B Parker Spenser novels I bought on Wed. I already had half of them! I took them back this afternoon but she only had one other one that I didn't have so I got a couple of Sue Grafton novels that I don't think I have. My mocha today was from The Grocery Store and I did a little shopping there, too. Dinner tonight was from Stouffer's frozen selections. The microwave does a pretty good job on them. I plan to try to call my brother, L, in Spokane, WA and wish him a happy 60th birthday tonight. Today is his birthday.

Tomorrow there is a special event here in town that I think I will go to. I am not going to commit since cousin J says I will have to get there early if I want to go. When I worked I started at 05:00 but since retiring I have changed to stay up later at night and sleep in later in the morning. I will see how I do at "early."

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Sounds like you had a great day. Isn't Sue Grafton a fabulous writer ... I just love her books. I haven't read all of them, and certainly not in order, but borrow them from the library when I can find them. I have the "S" one sitting there waiting for me to start it. I am currently reading Janet Evanovich ... she is great, too !! Have a wonderful weekend, take care, Meow
Isn't THAT the life! "Oh, I'll just wait til tomorrow to decide if I want to participate in a fabbulous adventure, or just relax."

I feel like I'm wasting the best years of my life punching a timeclock.
I feel like I'm wasting the best years of my life punching a timeclock.

I agree with you 100%.

Enjoy your retirement Dick. Sleep in all you want. You deserve it.
Dick, It sounds as if you understand what retiremnet is all about,
doing things when and how you want to...being a littl spontaeneous.
Most of us while working it mattered not our position did have deadlines
or some type of time tables we were accountable to so now to go and come
as you please is nice. You seem to have it down just right, your comment
about not making plans with J because you would have to get there early
just brought that home to me.

Continue enjoying this time. You deserve and keep sharing with us.
Whatever you do tomorrow, have a wonderful day full of good moments. And a Happy Birthday to your brother!
Dick was true to his word: he called me. I'd been moping around. Sixty? Sixty...

My oldest son gave me a bottle of Ballantine, which is just about right for sixty. I mixed it with decaffinated diet coke. That's about right for sixty too.

It was good to hear from you Dick. Drive carefully.

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