Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Almost time to fly to Tucson!

I think I am about set for my trip tomorrow (should I say in the middle of the night?) to Tucson to pickup my Miata and drive it home. Son B is here and will take me to the airporter shuttle at 04:40 in the morning. I have electronically checked in with the airline and I guess I only need to pickup the ticket at one of the kiosks at the airport when I get there. I am only taking two carry on bags, one of which is my laptop computer. Cousins J & V are set to meet me when the plane arrives there just after noon AZ time, after about a three hour flight. I am sure I have forgotten something but just hope it isn't something very important.

I thought I would leave photos from the past with some of these posts, until I have some more current things. Most are of things that them not being current won't make much difference. I will start out with a photo of the London Bridge from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This was taken 6 March 2004 but it still looked the same in '05 when we last stopped at the English Village located below the bridge. As to the name of it, I guess it is actually an old bridge from London that was taken apart, shipped to AZ and re-assembled in the desert. After the bridge was in place, the waterway below was dredged out allowing water from the Colorado River to flow in and make a lake. My understanding is that it really isn't "The London Bridge" but it is an actual London bridge. Here it is:
Lake Havasu AZ

Hi Dick
Isnt it funny that when travelling we always have that sense of leaving something important behind , I know I always feel like that , it drives me loopy , I check and recheck etc , have a Mocha for me and hey, the offer to "cat sit" is still open LOL
love the pic very interesting how the got the bridge , take care
Drive safely Dick, we'll see you when you get back. Don't forget to obey the posted speed, I know what you guys are like when you're in a fancy little sports car.

*****Be safe*****

Drive careful!
I thought that was the "REAL" London Bridge. hmmmmm.
That is the real one. We (the US)purchsed it some time ago from the British. I would love to see it. One more place to mark on my map.
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