Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Birthday parties are fun

Last Friday my oldest grand daughter reached the old age of nine and her party was on Saturday at the Red Robin restaurant. It was fun for parents, grand parents, aunt & uncle and cousins. I don't know where her Mom got this cake but it sure looked like a hamburger, which Red Robin is known for, so I guess it might have been from there. Anyway, K managed to blow all the candles out with ease and the cake was very good to eat:
Kims party 1

Presents are a big part of a child's birthday and here she is opening one of those I bought for her. Annie used to do most of our selecting of presents and I have found it to be kind of hard to do on my own. I don't know what a nine year old girl wants nor what she already has, so I was tempted to just go the gift certificate route. I kind of split it, buying four different presents and giving her some cash in her card. I guess I did okay:
Kims party 2

It was nice to attend my home church on Sunday and the people there seemed genuinly happy to see me back. Annie will be intered in the new Memorial Garden being prepared at our church, as I will eventually, and there was a meeting before the service of the committee working on that. It is getting closer. I went to Starbucks with friends after the service which is a long time tradition for me.

I got my lawn mowed yesterday. The rain from late last week held off for it to get at least partly dry and it needed it's first cutting of the season. I will be gone for a week and a half soon and that would be way too long to wait, so it was good to get it done. I also had lunch with a friend at Easy Rider Cafe, the cafe located in Steel Dreams, the motorcycle shop where I bought my Honda moped last summer. Son B came to spend the night before returning to work this morning.

Today I got together for a mocha with L, the instructor from the digital imaging class I took last fall at the local college. We are going to go on the MG Car Club 25th anniversary run of the annual Tulip Rallye put on here in my local area on April 22,which will probably be the first real outing for me with my new Miata. It is a gimmick rally that I have been on many times in the past, with Annie, and in various sports cars we have owned over the years.

Neighbors D & B returned home today from their Snowbird RV trip. We met in Quartzsite on 1 March where they were spending a few days & I drove my car up from Yuma. They are good with Huggy and know her well, so during the time I am gone south to get the Miata & son B isn't here, she will be able to do it. I know Huggy will be in good hands. Speaking of my trip, I have a reservation to ride the shuttle from Mt. Vernon to SeaTac airport for my 08:10 flight, but I have to get up EARLY. The shuttle leaves Mt. Vernon at 04:50! Maybe I can sleep on the plane.

What a cute cake. Looks like she racked up on the presents. Your family must be glad to have you back home.
Awww what a cute granddaughter! Happy Birthday to her!
Hi Dick
Nice pics as always, pretty girl , she looks like she is into her gift , that is good , and hey I thought I told you I would watch HUGGY! /he he/ you know you'd never get her back tee hee , dont blame ya . have a good trip hope you nap on plane . Take care
looks like a nice family time at the birthday party. Nice that you got home in time for that.
Travel safely, dont go getting all lead footed in your new wheels.
Cuddles for Huggy.
That cake looked great!
I know that shuttle! Are you going to catch it at the Cottontree Inn?
Have a safe trip!
Nine years old... my how time flies! Just yesterday she was a little baby.

I know, because my oldest will be nine in just a couple of weeks.
Dick, What a lovely little girl, I hope for her birthday, she got everything her little heart desired. She reminds me of my daughter who is 10. Cheers,
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