Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Boy, the Internet can be expensive!

I am settled into the Prince of Tucson RV Park after driving over from Gila Bend this morning. The expensive part is what I did before I left GB. I bought a car. On eBay. Over the Internet.

I had pretty much decided to buy another Mazda MX-5 Miata but figured I would wait until I got home in May to start looking. In talking with a friend Sunday he pointed out that is the expensive time to buy a convertible sports car as the good weather is when everyone goes looking. I thought it couldn't hurt to look on eBay to see what they had. There were about 80 of them listed, from all over the country and all model years from the original 1990 to 2006. My other two were both 1990 models and I wanted one a bit newer and also a low mileage car. I found a 2001 crystal blue metallic car with 31,337 miles and it is located in Phoenix, AZ! I was just south of there in Gila Bend and Tucson is only a 2-hour drive away.

I looked at the NADA site that lists used cars and found the "Buy It Now" price, which I expect was the same as the reserve on the auction, was about $3,500 below the NADA average retail price. It is at Midway Chevrolet & I called and talked with the salesman today, to make sure it was not a car from the floods caused by hurricane Katrina. It was originally sold in Oregon & was traded in by it's second owner on a new Corvette. This was his third car so the mileage was fairly low. It all sounded good, so I bought it. Now I have to get it home to Mt. Vernon, WA.

I may fly one of my sons down to drive it home, or I may see if I can leave it a couple of weeks at my cousin's home here in Tucson, head home and fly down myself to drive it home. At any rate, I will be heading home after Life on Wheels and cutting my Snowbird trip short.

I do have a couple of photos of saguaro cactus to post. These were taken in Quartzsite but I forgot to include them in the post from there. I still have to go through all those photos from the car show and the fabulous sunset from last night at Gila Bend but I haven't setup the big computer yet. Maybe tomorrow. Today was a drive & buy a car kind of a day. By the way, the way to pronounce this cactus is sa-waro. They store water inside themselves by expanding during the rainy season, so become very heavy. The first arms start to grow at about age 70 and I understand the purpose of the arms is to maintain balance so it doesn't fall over. Here is the first one:
Saguaro 1

The second one is the same cactus but a closer & slightly different angle view, showing a small bird right in the center who has built a nest in there:
Saguaro 2

There sure were a lot of these along the highway today driving into Tucson.

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Glad you were able to get the car you wanted and that you
feel you got a good deal on it. Now to get it home but,
please don't cut the trip short because I'm just getting
good with traveling. :lol:

Give Huggy a special treat from me.
Wow, cool looking pictures of those wonderful looking cacti.

So, you've gotten a new car over the internet? That's an interesting way to do it, I always want to do the proverbial tire kicking.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, the cold/flu thing and my lady-love have been keeping me busy.

Keep smilin'
Those are beautiful! Congrats on the car too, Dick!
Well done on buying a car over the internet. Hope it is all you hope for. I'm with Cowboy Joe, though, and would want to give it a physical once-over.
I love your cactus photos ... I think they are a really fascinating plant. I used to have many miniature cactii on my windowsill in the kitchen.
Enjoy yourself, take care, Meow
I would normally want to see the car before buying it, but time was running out as the auction was to end at noon AZ time. I bought it about 09:30. I have owned two Miatas in the past so know the car pretty well and there were quite a few photos of it on eBay. I also talked with the salesman from the car dealer a couple of times about it so got my questions answered. It was about $3,500 below the average blue book value for the car so was quite a good price.
I guess that little bird will be safe from cats in that tree!
So you have come full circle, back to quartzville? I guess you will be home soon then?
Hi dick
Sounds like you have been very busy, love the cacti pics and the smart bird , no kitty will climb that tree. Wish I had your knowldge of the comp and ebay and all the stuff your doing. It is good to know your doing well , rub Huggy behind the ears and under the chin too:) take care of yourself out there :)
Good comments. But, I do not agree with most of them. People sure have a lot of time on their hands.
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