Monday, March 06, 2006


Hi from the true center of the Universe

Yesterday was a day to start getting ready to leave. I took down the desktop PC so won't be able to do anything with the photos from the car show on Sat until I get to Tucson tomorrow & get it setup again on the table. The cars were great, about 850 of them. The weather was about as good as it could be, temperature in the high 70s so comfortable but not too hot. I would love to have one of the hot rods but the price asked for those that were for sale were beyond my price range - between $35,000 and $90,000. I also don't have a garage at home, just a carport so have no good place to work on nor store them.

Annie & I have had two Mazda Miata's and we belonged to the Puget Sound Miata Club which was pretty a active group. I think I will buy another Miata & re-join the car club. Miatas are very reliable, pretty economical to drive, and FUN. The club is still there - we have some 25-year friends who are active in it & I talked with him for an hour last night about my idea. Now I need to find me a car!

I only had a little over 100 miles to drive today so I didn't worry about getting an early start. I took a liesurly shower, washed dishes, emptied & flushed the holding tanks and pulled out a little after 13:00. I stopped to fill the propane tank (11.6 gal at $1.81 plus tax) and hit the freeway about 13:30. I arrived here in Gila Bend about 15:35 and checked into a small (24 spaces) RV park that is along with a Shell gas station & truck stop. There is free space for the trucks but my cost for a full hookup site, with electricity, is only $7.50 plus tax, so I sure can't complain. I got into a pull through site so don't have to unhook the car & can just drive off tomorrow when I am ready to leave. I will get started earlier tomorrow but there won't be much getting ready to do so it will be simpler.

Today has been cloudy all day but not cold. I guess it is in the mid-70s. It "smells" like rain so there may be some but the forecast this morning in Yuma only gave it a 10% chance. I would guess Southern California is getting hit hard with rain. There is a cafe here so I think I will eat dinner there. I have a tree beside me that probably blocks the satellite antennae so I will play on the Internet & watch a DVD movie tonight. This life style is rough (NOT.)

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You sound as if you are having a nice time, thank you for allowing me to
trvel along with you. :)
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