Thursday, March 09, 2006


I go pick up my Miata today

My cousin J will drive me to Phoenix today to pickup the Mazda MX-5 Miata I purchased Tuesday over eBay. I am excited! He even has an extra spot in his garage since they at the moment only have one car & a golf cart there, with a 3-car garage, so will be able to keep it inside while I drive the RV home and fly back down. I will get the big computer set up soon and move some other photos, including probably some of me and the new car, to flickr so I can get more onto my blog, but here is one of those from eBay of the car:

I did get out yesterday to do a little exploring around my area of Tucson. I found a Starbucks so had my first mocha since Sunday and I ordered a big venti one. There is a Walmart near the Starbucks so I made some purchases, then drove across the street to Crackerbarrel for another late lunch (a lunner) then drove a different route through town off the freeway.

I found the Foothills Mall and a very large, two-story Barnes & Noble Bookstore. They told me it is the tenth largest bookstore in the US and it is large. But they didn't have any books on the Miata! I did order two of them from on Monday and since they were being shipped to Arizona (cousin J's home) there was no sales tax. Saving the tax, I paid extra for two day delivery so they should arrive today. I don't get the immediate use of a new book when I buy from Amazon but they sure have access to almost any title you might want.

The weather here has cooled with the arrival of a large storm from the north Pacific to California. Clouds at least have extended this far east and yesterday the high temp was only 61 with sunshine, which felt pretty good to me. Overnight it got down to 39 and today is only to go up to the low 60s with a 20% chance of rain. It sounds like there is a higher chance of rain over the weekend. What a time to buy a convertible car, eh (that's for my Canadian friends!)

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Wow, that sure is a beauty. Glad that your friends can store it inside for you until you can fly back down for it. Hope that Huggy is fine and glad you found a place to get another mocha. And a venti one at that ! Way to go. Keep smilin' Dick.
Hi Dick, you are going to look pretty sharp riding around in that beauty. Umm, you might need to buy a cap for Huggy though, so her fur doesn't get blown about, hehehe Cheers,
Sounds like a good plan , best of luck with it ,hope huggy likes the new ride! I do ! rub huggies ears and take care out there:)
Went with Dick to Phoenix today to pick up his new toy (Miata). He loves it and says it drove perfectly on our way back to Tucson.

(His cousin) Jim
I can honestly say you are the first person I have heard of that bought a car on the internet!
What if something is wrong with it?
I love the color of it! If you plan on keeping it up here, I guess you only plan on driving it in August & Sept, huh? Does Huggy have her own seat?
Huggy doesn't like to ride in cars. She is stuck in her pet taxi (cage) and all trips seem to stop at the vet where she has holes poked in her (annual shots.) The motorhome has a lot of space so she can move around. I doubt she will ride in the Miata.

The car is nice to drive. Now for some warm weather so I can take the top off!
Very nice, just be careful. Those little sardine cans arent very forgiving in accidents. No speeding... You hear?
The car is a beauty, Dick! Hope you have a great day, catch you later, "eh"? ;-)
Seems like old days again when you had one a while ago. Hope you enjoy it.
Nice car!

I've been to that very same Barnes & Noble and Foothills Mall. Sure is a small world. I miss AZ. :(
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