Thursday, March 16, 2006


Life On Wheels Conference, Tucson Arizona

It has been a busy few days since I last put up a post. I doubt that I will do any photos until I get home, about the end of next week. Things are too busy here at the conference to have time to set up the desktop PC & work over the photos and when I leave here I will beat feet for home, trying to make miles each day. I will be able to do text posts and will as I progress northward.

This has been the first Life on Wheels conference in 2006 and the first ever in the state of Arizona. There were 237 registered to attend and close to 150 were turned down due to lack of space. We have been told the conference will return here next year and more space to park RVs will be made available, so there should be more in attendance in 2007. While the session at the University of Idaho in Moscow is a full week long, the four satellite conferences are only two & a half days worth of classes. But that gives an opportunity for the attendees to select one of nine or so different classes that are offered each class period for a total of ten periods. In Moscow there are eight more sessions available.

There are commercial sponsors who help support this program so that all the costs do not have to be covered by the tuition paid by attendees. Tuesday evening, after the Introduction session, all were invited to Beaudry RV for a nice catered lasangne dinner, followed by cheese cake for desert next door at Camping World, which stayed open late to give us an opportunity to shop after dinner.

There were four class periods yesterday, four today and there will be two tomorrow, followed by a wrap up session. I have talked with many here who are intending to go to another conference. With nine or more classes offered at once, it can take a few return trips to attend all of them you want to. This is my fifth session and there are still some I haven't managed to fit in, plus there are new ones all the time, too. You also get to know many people who attend and those who work to make the conference happen, so it is a fun social event as well as a great learning experience.

I hadn't had a mocha since Monday night, until this morning. My friend D, who I worked with for years at Metro Transit in Seattle, celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday. We both needed to buy a few things at a couple of different stores, so we "cut class" second period today and started at the Seattle's Best Coffee cafe at the Border's book store where I bought him a mocha for his birthday, & me one too. I will hit the road for home tomorrow afternoon or for sure Sat morning & my mocha stops then might not happen daily. When I get home I may need to have more than one a day to make up for the shortfall!

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Mochas for Dick!! Have a safe journey home!
Travel home safely. I wonder, will you continue to blog when your RV trip is over?
"Dick and Huggy by the Homefire."
Happy Trails to yoooou!
Keep it safe. I had an iced mocha today. NUMM!!
Dad, stop by on your way up!! I'll meet you at Starbucks, you just tell me when.
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