Friday, March 10, 2006


Midnight At The Oasis car show in Yuma

Last Saturday I attended the Midnight At The Oasis car show in Yuma. There were 850 cars on display, mostly hotrods & customs but with a few antiques, sports cars & other vehicles. They all have to be 1974 vintage or earlier to be entered. I took about 60 photos but can't put them all up here so I've selected a group that kind of represent the cars.

This first one is a classic hotrod, a Ford Model T roadster bucket pickup that is powered by a flathead Ford V-8 engine:
Classic hot rod

The next one is a classic British two seat sports car, a Triumph TR-3. This was the first model of the TR-3 with the narrow grill:
Classic sports car

This is what I call a hotrod sports car but it was factory built. The Sunbeam Alpine was a typical British 2 seater powered by a four cylinder engine. They decided it needed more power so bought 289 cubic inch Ford V-8 engines that made quite a different car out of it. The engine was light enough that the car still handled much as the original did on the road and was called the Sunbeam Tiger:
Hotrod sports car

I call this car a newer hotrod. Not because the basic car is any newer than the other one but the engine is a newer overhead valve V-8:
Newer hot rod

This is a more modern sports car, I think a Pantera but I didn't write the name down. It is powered by a V-8 engine mounted in the middle of the car. They are very fast:
Modern sportscar

This car was built by some Arizona Highway Patrol officers. I think they just race it on the drag strip but I am sure it could catch almost anything that tried to outrun it on the freeway:
Arizona Highway Patrol car

I enjoyed the show. Many of the cars were for sale but prices seemed to start around $35,000 and go up, so they were out of my price range. I did go to Phoenix yesterday with my cousin, J, and bought the 2001 Mazda Miata. I drove it back to J & V's home, then to the RV, leaving the Saturn there. Today was a day to read the owners book and drive the car. I did check out where I am to go Tuesday when I move the RV to the college for Life on Wheels. I thought after dark that I should take a photo of my parking spot here at the Prince of Tucson RV Park. It would show both the park & the car in one photo. I will try to take it tomorrow.

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Nice car show. It makes me appreciate shows like Overhauling.
The dedication that peole have to restore, rebuild & maintain motor vehicles is a credit to the auto industry. Thanks for sharing.
Our car show starts in may. Then it runs every thursday evening at the A&W. They really draw alot of cars. Its quite a sub culture amongst the owners.
That Sunbeam Alpine looks a lot like the Austin Healy my dad owned when I was just born. Lots of pictures of me on the hood of that car. His was dark green.

Keep smilin'
If I'm not mistaken, that's a '57 TR-3. I had a '57 TR in the way-back (1965), but it came to an untimely end when I threw it off a 75-foot embankment near Lompoc, California. I repainted mine '64 Ford Falcon Gold before I wrecked it; it was a fun car and kindled my love for sports cars!
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