Saturday, March 11, 2006


My Miata and another desert sunset

When I came out of the restaurant where I ate dinner Monday in Gila Bend, AZ, there was another spectacular desert sunset. Of course I had left my cameras in the RV & by the time I speed-walked there & back the sunset wasn't as great as it was at first, but it was still pretty nice. Here is perhaps the best one, with a saguaro silhouetted in the foreground:
Gila Bend sunset

Fast forward to today, in Tucson (pronounced too-sone). The sky is dark & threatening rain. The weather forecast now says we have a 70% chance of rain today but the normal Tucson weather should be back by Monday. If that holds true it should be nice for Life on Wheels that starts Tuesday. The rain will settle the dust down so it will be really nice. Here is my RV with the new Miata parked beside it, taken this morning in our site at Prince Of Tucson RV Park:
Prince of Tucson RV Park site

I'll post a couple of other photos of the car. The first is an interior showing the dashboard area. The top is up (rain is coming!) so it doesn't show all of the passenger compartment. I'll do one of those later when the top is down. It is snug but there is a comfortable amount of space once you are inside. The second photo shows the engine compartment with it's 1.8 liter in-line four cylinder engine, with rear wheel drive. These cars are not high powered but still are a lot of fun to drive. Due to their relatively low power, insurance companies consider them economy cars and price their coverage accordingly. Here are the photos:
My Miata interior

My Miata engine

I will be leaving the RV about noon today to go get lunch & a mocha, then drive to cousin J's home near the town of Oracle, about 25 miles north of the RV park. We are going to visit & tour the Biosphere II project that is 2 miles or so from his house. Biosphere II has been sold and will be torn down to build more houses, so if you want to see it yourselves, come to Tucson soon. I plan to take photos and I still have the big PC setup so should be able to move them to Photoshop, reduce them in size & transfer them to Flickr & onto my blog before Life on Wheels.

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Hey Dick,

Getting caught up with blogging. This week has been crazy for me. Looks like you've been busy while I was gone. Cool car. I love Miatas. My husband's friend bought his daughter a car from eBay, but he drove a lot farther to get his. I watched a show the other night about RV's that cost 2 million dollars!! and the RV parks that cater exclusively to them. Geesh, I would settle for a $100,000 one at this point.
I Think you will look great driving that beauty, hope Huggy likes the top down tee hee .
hope your both well, scratch huggy behind the ears for me and be careful driving your new TOY LOL have fun
take care
Nice car Dick. It seems to suit you.

Glad you got some rain coming to help settle the dust.

Keep smilin'
I found your blog through Jude.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to visit my sister and her family in Tucson and help her move from an apt on Oracle Road to a new house near Marana. I never got to see the Biosphere, but LOVED the sunsets in Arizona! I'm ready to go back now.
I like the color of your Miata, Dick. It fits the car very well!

I'm certain you'll enjoy the car. I've had mine for over five years now and just love it to death! They don't make 'em any more fun than the Miata. Unless it's a supercharged Miata, LOL!

Thanks for dropping by EIP today. C'mon back and visit awhile!
I love Miatas. They are great little cars.
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